The Beaches of Culebra

Spending time on the water in Culebra is a must! Get a hold of a kayak, canoe, a mini sailboat, a skiff, a water taxi or take a day cruise with a local boat. The energy of this island is derived from the sea. Exploring the coastline and the water are a very special way to discover the true energy of paradise!

Palmetto Guesthouse in Culebra
Palmetto Guesthouse
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Camping at Flamenco beach

You will find white sandy beaches, coral beaches, dark sandy beaches, shallow and deep coral reefs and many rocky points surrounding Culebra.

Except for Flamenco Beach, most beaches are peaceful and quiet year round.

Flamenco Beach - is by far the most popular beach in Culebra.
Culebrita - is the largest cay east of Culebra.
Dakity Bay - by boat, canoe, kayak,
Malena - is a quiet beach part of the Nature Reserve, easy to reach from to road to Punta Soldado.
Melones - favorite amongst many snorkeling enthusiasts. This coral beach can be reached easily by foot from town!
Mosquito - is a quiet beach with road access and a little bit of shade, there is a beautiful reef to snorkle in at both ends of Mosquito.
Sardinas - super close to town, here you don't have to travel far, the water is calm and there are fish to see and catch.
Punta Soldado - is a lovely quiet beach made up of small pebbles. Swimming and snorkling are great in this tiny beach, from here you have a beautiful view of Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico.
Zoni - this is a quiet beach with public access facing Northeast, with a great view of Culebrita, Cayo Norte and St. Thomas.

Casa Robinson in Culebra
Casa Robinson
Top Rated Guest House in Culebra!

View of Malena Culebrita -view of eastern beach from the lighthouse

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