Culebra - Activities

The first and foremost reason people come to Culebra is probably to do nothing. If that is not enough, there are plenty of things to do:

Kayaking Puerto Rico in Culebra
Kayaking Puerto Rico
Swim with Turtles in Culebra!

Most likely one of the firsts on your list will be the Culebra beaches, which are amongst the finest in the world. Flamenco Beach is the most popular with obvious pros and cons. You get the convenience of easy transportation, drinks and food but then it is not only you who is getting them ..

Hammock in Culebra Guest House

From the beaches you can snorkel amazing reefs, or may want to get married on one of them.

After a relaxing day on the beach, stroll through town and visit Culebra's gift shops, where local artisans display their wares!
Or get a massage and practice Yoga in Culebra :)

A movie theater in Culebra? Yes, we do have one and it's called Cine Culebra and located at the library!