Wellness in Culebra

It seems the time of massage therapists and Yoga Teachers coming and going and the related challenge of finding and booking a good massage while you are in Culebra are coming to an end.

Culebra offers several long time residents who are licensed massage therapists and Yoga teachers. They are looking forward to make your stay in Culebra an even more pleasurable one.

Whether you want your treatment on the beach under a palm tree or in your room - most of them travel with their table to a destination of your choice.

For facials, mud wraps and steam rooms we'll have to wait. Should you fly via Miami and stay there for a couple of days, please do visit our affiliate hair salon in Miami Beach!

Massage on the Beach in Puerto Rico

Luz Massageemail (787) 435-0148 comments
Culebra Yogaemail (570) 394-2251 comments
Edwin - Massageemail (787) 447-2783 comments