Culebra Boat Rentals and Charters

To get to real paradise in Culebra you might consider going even further. This means getting into a boat. Go to truly amazing beaches in Luis Peña and Culebrita or just spend a day on Culebra's water.

Following is a list of places that rent and charter boats, ranging from kayaks, small motor- and sailboats to big yachts. Of course you could just take a water taxi to get you there fast.

Should you ever come to Miami, mention this page and get a 10% discount chartering Catamaran Mina, a 42' Lagoon!

Island Cruisers Power Boatsemail (787) 717-2000 comments
Culebra Sail Chartersemail (510) 552-8295 comments
Culebra Water Toysemail (787) 742-1122 comments
Culebra Boatsemail (787) 360-9807 comments
Culebra Kayak Rentalsemail (787) 742-0589 comments
Culebra Water Taxiemail (787) 360-9807 comments
Culebra Sailingemail (787) 435-9996 comments
Carousel Custom Chartersemail (787) 396-3650 comments
Ocean Safari Kayaks (787) 379-1973 comments
Guilin's Water Taxi (787) 742-0575 comments
Isla Culebra Chartersemail comments
Hacer Ola Toursemail (787) 242-3346 comments