Culebra Ferry Schedule

Passengers only
Fare is $2.25 one way $4.50 round trip

6:30 AM daily
1:00 PM daily
5:00 PM daily

9:00 AM daily
3:00 PM daily
7:00 PM daily

Culebra Ferry in Culebra
Culebra Ferry
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Cargo (as well as people)
Fare depends on size of vehicle

7:00 AM Monday thru Friday
1:00 PM Wednesday & Friday
6:00 PM Monday thru Friday

4:00 AM Monday thru Friday
9:30 AM Wednesday & Friday
5:00 PM Monday thru Friday

For reservations call
Fajardo (787) 863-0852, (787) 860-8618
800-981-2005 - sometimes they answer and then again, sometimes they do not :)

All times are given WITHOUT warranty. Ferry

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