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 1. Re: Precios Edward G. Serrano    07-13-17 20:22
Cuando he viajado en Ferry es $1 por cada uno de los que mencionas.

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 2. Re: Vieques Forum and Weather Related ?'s JeffandMary    07-06-17 21:22
Hi Brandon, Unfortunately no, there does not appear to be a forum at the web page. We have been to Culebra for Thanksgiving. It's a little cooler than in July. A bit rainy and w

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 3. Re: Ferry to Vieques JeffandMary    07-05-17 14:26
Thanks Michael, that's good to hear. So, we will arrive in Fajardo about 3:30, buy tickets at the booth and get on the 4:30 ferry to Vieques. That's the plan.

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 4. Re: Ferry to Vieques Michael    07-05-17 02:13
Vieques tickets are not really a problem, so there's no need for that service - at least IMO

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 5. Ferry to Vieques JeffandMary    07-04-17 23:19
I see you can now purchase ferry tickets to Culebra. Does any one know if this service will also get tickets to Vieques? Thanks.

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 6. Re: help please!!! Specialk    06-26-17 10:05
You can take a taxi from SJU to Isla Grande. About 20 bucks. From there, you can fly to Culebra for around $70pp each way. You can also take a taxi or rental car to Fajardo and take the ferry or fly f

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 7. help please!!! luis garcia    06-23-17 21:04
me and my husband are traveling to puerto rico soon and we were thinking of staying in culebra but im having trouble finding a straight answer on how to get there from san juan int airport or luis m

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 8. Transporte de San Juan a Isla Culebra Saul Montalvo    06-21-17 13:26
Hola, Mi novia y yo vamos a salir este fin de semana para Puerto Rico y quiero darle la sorpresa de llevarla a la Isla Culebra, quisiera saber si hay algun tipo de transporte que nos lle

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 9. Re: Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted Alissa    06-15-17 11:45
Check with El Panino. He is opening a restaurant location by the Ferry dock, and maybe he'll be selling his food truck???

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 10. Pets on Ferry? Yahaira    04-10-17 08:51
Hello, Can anyone tell me if a 5lbs Yorkie is allowed to travel on the ferry over to Culebra? Thank you in advance.

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 11. Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted Jackie Gyro    04-05-17 09:13
Hello. After visiting Culebra 5 yrs ago from the states I KNEW one day I would call your beautiful, peaceful Island "home" I moved to Rincon two yrs ago and have lived a good, productive life.

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 12. Re: ferry to culebra Silva Ramirez    04-05-17 06:26
Bad weekend to go to Culebra. It is "semana santa" (Easter weekend) and the Big Island spills into Culebra. My honest advice, come any other week but this. Madness. [%s

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 13. Re: ferry to culebra Michael    04-05-17 04:23
philippeaux, welcome t the forum! did you do a search? your question is pretty much answered by many posts!

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 14. ferry to culebra philippeaux    04-03-17 14:29
I plan to catch the ferry to go to culebra for a day on Thursday April 13th. is that a good idea? how early do i need to get there to be able to purchase tickets? can i purchase tickets the day before

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 15. Re: Car to Culebra Michael    03-30-17 02:24
a ticket on the cargo ferry!

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 16. Car to Culebra Jackie Gyro    03-29-17 15:00
Please! Someone that knows the law and the FACTS, please answer my question. What do I need to get my car with my personal belongings on the Cargo Ferry to Culebra?

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 17. Re: FIRST TIME Specialk    03-28-17 15:17
The easiest way would be to pre-purchase on Alternatively, just show up in Fajardo very early in the morning and you'll m

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 18. First Time to Puerto Rico Mona Rafi    03-28-17 09:27
I am traveling to San Juan for the first time and I really would like to take the Culebra Ferry to Flamenco Beach. Can someone help me figure out the best way to secure tickets before I get there in

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 19. Re: Day trip to Fajardo Geronimo    03-10-17 15:25
You can take the ferry over in the morning and return later in the afternoon. Get your round trip tix at Fajardo. When you get to culebra you can take a bus to Flamenco beach for the day. the ferry

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 20. Day trip to Fajardo Debbie Weeks    02-27-17 15:24
We are staying in Rio Mar for 5 days mid-march. Am wondering if a day trip to Culebra is feasible? Will be with 4 teenagers. How reliable is the ferry. I don't want to get stuck overnight in Culeb

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 21. Re: Travel to Vieques Michael    02-19-17 21:31
You will have to either fly or get the ferry back to Fajardo and take the ferry from there

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 22. Travel to Vieques Brenda K    02-18-17 13:06
We will be staying Culebra for several days and would like to go to Vieques for a day. Do we rent a bot, fly, ferry or what's the best way to get there for a day trip? Thanks!!

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 23. Re: Ferry Doug    01-20-17 13:55
There are also flights to and from Ceiba.

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 24. Re: Ferry Bob Deneen    01-19-17 13:35
We've used John's Publico to get to Fajardo and he's bought the ferry tickets ahead of time for us - I saw Air Flamenco has a 4:30 flight out of Isla Grande on Saturdays

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 25. Re: Ferry Alissa    01-18-17 12:41
The ferry can be pretty unreliable. I highly suggest you take the plane route. There are several small carriers that should have flights that work for your schedule. In addition there a

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 26. Ferry Amy O'Donoghue    01-17-17 12:41
I know there is probably no sure answer about this, as I have scoured the internet for one, but I was wondering about taking the 7pm ferry to Culebra. Normally I would take a plane but there is no via

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 27. Re: exchange ferry tickets Michael    01-10-17 09:13
at the ferry terminal, not online (I assume you are talking about ones that you bought at

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 28. exchange ferry tickets Marta Slotterback    01-09-17 20:59
Can tickets to the ferry be exchanged for another date?

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 29. Re: Bringing car to Culebra Specialk    01-05-17 13:20
You most likely cannot take your rental car. If you own a car on mainland PR, then you can take it on the Cargo ferry, but not on the regular ferry. Honestly though, you're better off jus

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 30. Bringing car to Culebra Marta Slotterback    12-31-16 15:10
Can I bring our car to Culebra on the ferry?

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