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 1. Gov't Shutdown - campground sarah rau    01-09-19 22:41
Just wondering how Flamenco and the campground are under the shutdown. Are things still open? Ferry? Planning to come regardless just want to know in advance.

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 2. Accommodation and Ferry Advice needed!! Matt W from MI    12-25-18 14:45
Hi all- Feliz Navidad! Two questions: 1) We found the room we wanted at Culebra Beach Villas but then called and sadly they say no more availability at the end of February. So the we

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 3. Re: Ceiba Ferry Terminal Heather Brown    11-26-18 17:45
I realize I listed the Ceiba to Culebra instead of Culebra to Ceiba in the last set of times. (Should be 6:00am C&P, 9:00am P, 11:00am C&P, 1:00pm P, 3:00pm C&P, 5:00pm P, 6:30pm C&P) Add

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 4. Re: Ceiba Ferry Terminal Heather Broqn    11-26-18 17:02
Thank you for the update! However, I'm having a hard time confirming ferry times from Culebra TO Ceiba. (We are flying in, but taking the ferry back to the main island in order to visit O

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 5. Re: weekend flights Specialk    10-24-18 09:22
Vieques Air Link has flights on that Saturday from Isla Grande to Culebra. Seaborne has flights from SJU to Culebra on that same day. I would take either of those over hitch

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 6. weekend flights Snix    10-24-18 00:44
I've been told that Air Flamenco is not (yet) flying from either Isla Grande or Ceiba to Culebra on Saturdays. I'm arriving at SJU early afternoon on Feb. 2, and am trying to arrange connection to Cul

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 7. Ceiba Ferry Terminal Michael    10-10-18 00:43
The new terminal is open and operational! The new schedule is available:

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 8. Re: Ferry - Christmas schedule Michael    10-10-18 00:15
Right now no one knows what will happen with the ferrry. Our last update is

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 9. Ferry - Christmas schedule Archana Sridhar    10-04-18 14:47
Hello, What is the schedule for the Fajarda-Culebra ferry both trips during Christmas 2018? Dates: December 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th

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 10. Re: getting to Culebra from SJU Phil Ryder    09-09-18 17:52
We have done both (just wrapped up our ninth trip to Culebra). While the flight gets you there quickly, and the landing is a rush (!), the ferry is truly the way to go. If you're interested, I can sen

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 11. Flights from Culebra to Vieques William Hayes    08-11-18 12:22
Hi I was wondering how often there are public flights from Culebra to Vieques and how much do they cost per person, I would like to take the ferry to Culebra spend the day, then fly to Vieques for the

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 12. Re: getting to Culebra from SJU Specialk    08-02-18 23:46
The plane is around $80 per person each way. It isn't a private plane ride, there will be other customers on the flight, just like a normal airline. If you want to be guaranteed to arrive on Culebra w

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 13. getting to Culebra from SJU Eileen Curran    08-02-18 10:56
What is the best way to get to Culebra from SJU? Coming from Florida I was thinking the ferry but the taxi ride is almost the same price as the seaplane. When they say $80.00 one way, is that pe

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 14. Regards to Ferry Daniela Molina    07-25-18 13:43
I would like to know if I purchase the ferry tickets to Culebra on Monday Aug 13TH. What time does the last ferry from Culebra to Fajardo leave?

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 15. Re: Fajardo to Culebra Ferry on Sunday Specialk    07-21-18 17:51
Carmen, if you buy them online, you will receive a code. You just go to the ticket office and give them that code and they will print your tickets for you.

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 16. Re: Fajardo to Culebra Ferry on Sunday CARMEN D RIVERA    07-20-18 08:12
I want to buy ferry tickets for August 26 it must birthday I am going to be in Puerto Rico from Friday thru Tuesday. If I buy tickets online how will i get them

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 17. Flights to Culebra Becky Wheeler    07-18-18 16:07
Good afternoon! We are looking to stay in Culebra again January 2019. We are looking into flights now, as prices are starting to go up. Many of the flights from SJU and Isla Grande aren't

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 18. Re: Fajardo to Culebra Ferry on Sunday Michael    07-04-18 13:42
Luis, did you google the schedule?

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 19. Fajardo to Culebra Ferry on Sunday Silva Ramirez    07-03-18 07:01
At what time is the first ferry trip from Fajardo to Culebra on Sundays? Thanks

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 20. Re: Ferry Shannon Baxter    06-07-18 05:59
We just spent 6 days in Culebra. We took the ferry both ways without difficulty. We were also here in February and took it both ways without problem then also. Cheap, mostly on time and comfortable e

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 21. Re: Ferry Benjamin    06-04-18 03:26
The Ferry is a good source of transportation if you are patient and can tolerate the bureaucracy that has formed over the years with the controlling employees of the ferry ports. Like most areas of t

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 22. Re: Ferry Specialk    06-03-18 23:23
Last I heard they were sharing it with Vieques but that a couple of new ones had been rented and were underway to PR.

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 23. Re: Ferry Milan    06-02-18 13:46
Can anyone give the current status of the passenger ferry from Fajardo to Culebra?

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 24. Getting from SJU to Culebra- Advice needed Matt W from MI    03-23-18 22:16
Hi all - The last time we visited Culebra we used Air Flamenco. This time, in looking at our flight schedule in/out of SJU on Delta, it doesn't look like flying is going to work, and we will be force

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 25. Re: Ferry Chris Huntington    03-15-18 13:56
any update on dependability of passenger ferry from Fajardo? Would like to catch the 3pm boat this Sunday 3/18

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 26. Re: Ferry Geronimo    01-26-18 12:20
VAL from Isla Grande to Culebra $100 each way. Steer clear of ferry.

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 27. Re: Ferry Michael    01-25-18 16:25
Celeste, welcome to the forum - did you do a search and/or check out previous posts?

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 28. Ferry Celeste Dault    01-25-18 15:26
Hey there, Wishing to visit Feb 24, but would like to know the status of the Ferry, and/or air service?

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 29. electricity back 100% Michael    12-08-17 18:46
ferry already running for several weeks ..

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 30. Re: Hopeful to visit soon Geronimo    12-07-17 11:11
The electricity has been restored on Culebra 7/24 now. The ferry is running. VAL/Seaborne will start flying from Isla Grande to Culebra starting 12/11. Go to the Seaborne website for reservations.

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