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 1. Re: Hurricane Maria Geronimo    10-09-17 09:40
The ferry is running twice a day. Not sure if it has a schedule so he would have to go to the dock and ask. not sure if Flamenco or VAL are flying out of Culebra.

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 2. Re: Hurricane Maria Jean diskin    10-07-17 21:06
@Elle I am only in touch with him through my sister in law, so haven't talked to him directly. We want to know if any airline is flying into SJU, or if the ferry is running to Farjardo? We are

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 3. Re: Hurricane Maria Geronimo    10-02-17 14:11
The generator has been running daily from 6pm to 6 am supplying power to folks in town. no power out Zoni way. Desalt plant running supplying water. Sounds like they are also receiving fuel deliver

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 4. Re: Hurricane Maria Jean diskin    10-01-17 09:33
My brother went down after Irma to check on his boat, and now is stuck there. Does anyone know of a way off the island? Is the ferry running? If it is, are the roads clear to get from Fajardo to SJU

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 5. Re: Ferry Geronimo    09-29-17 09:11
I heard the ferry is running. Not sure about VAL or Flamenco air. SJU airport is a disaster. Do not attempt to have them go there

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 6. Re: Ferry Brooke    09-28-17 14:05
Yes, I understand very well what happened there. My sister and father are on the island and asked if I could find some information for them. They have been able to contact me through phone and asked

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 7. Re: Ferry Douglas V    09-27-17 21:12
Do you understand what happened there? There is no phone, electric, water and food.

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 8. Re: help please!!! Brandon Storer    09-27-17 09:49
Also, you can't take a rental car on the Ferry.

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 9. Ferry Brooke    09-25-17 15:15
Is the ferry running again after Maria? How about the airlines? I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone on the phone,

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 10. Re: Ferry back running S.V.I bound    09-18-17 10:04
Now lets hope like hell that Maria steers north in a hurry.

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 11. Ferry back running Michael    09-15-17 02:15
Things are normalizing in Culebra! Phone and Internet are back as well!

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 12. Irma - Ferry Service Suspended Michael    09-04-17 13:20
as of now; until further notice

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 13. Re: Precios Edward G. Serrano    07-13-17 20:22
Cuando he viajado en Ferry es $1 por cada uno de los que mencionas.

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 14. Re: Vieques Forum and Weather Related ?'s JeffandMary    07-06-17 21:22
Hi Brandon, Unfortunately no, there does not appear to be a forum at the web page. We have been to Culebra for Thanksgiving. It's a little cooler than in July. A bit rainy and w

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 15. Re: Ferry to Vieques JeffandMary    07-05-17 14:26
Thanks Michael, that's good to hear. So, we will arrive in Fajardo about 3:30, buy tickets at the booth and get on the 4:30 ferry to Vieques. That's the plan.

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 16. Re: Ferry to Vieques Michael    07-05-17 02:13
Vieques tickets are not really a problem, so there's no need for that service - at least IMO

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 17. Ferry to Vieques JeffandMary    07-04-17 23:19
I see you can now purchase ferry tickets to Culebra. Does any one know if this service will also get tickets to Vieques? Thanks.

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 18. Re: help please!!! Specialk    06-26-17 10:05
You can take a taxi from SJU to Isla Grande. About 20 bucks. From there, you can fly to Culebra for around $70pp each way. You can also take a taxi or rental car to Fajardo and take the ferry or fly f

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 19. help please!!! luis garcia    06-23-17 21:04
me and my husband are traveling to puerto rico soon and we were thinking of staying in culebra but im having trouble finding a straight answer on how to get there from san juan int airport or luis m

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 20. Transporte de San Juan a Isla Culebra Saul Montalvo    06-21-17 13:26
Hola, Mi novia y yo vamos a salir este fin de semana para Puerto Rico y quiero darle la sorpresa de llevarla a la Isla Culebra, quisiera saber si hay algun tipo de transporte que nos lle

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 21. Re: Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted Alissa    06-15-17 11:45
Check with El Panino. He is opening a restaurant location by the Ferry dock, and maybe he'll be selling his food truck???

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 22. Pets on Ferry? Yahaira    04-10-17 08:51
Hello, Can anyone tell me if a 5lbs Yorkie is allowed to travel on the ferry over to Culebra? Thank you in advance.

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 23. Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted Jackie Gyro    04-05-17 09:13
Hello. After visiting Culebra 5 yrs ago from the states I KNEW one day I would call your beautiful, peaceful Island "home" I moved to Rincon two yrs ago and have lived a good, productive life.

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 24. Re: ferry to culebra Silva Ramirez    04-05-17 06:26
Bad weekend to go to Culebra. It is "semana santa" (Easter weekend) and the Big Island spills into Culebra. My honest advice, come any other week but this. Madness. [%s

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 25. Re: ferry to culebra Michael    04-05-17 04:23
philippeaux, welcome t the forum! did you do a search? your question is pretty much answered by many posts!

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 26. ferry to culebra philippeaux    04-03-17 14:29
I plan to catch the ferry to go to culebra for a day on Thursday April 13th. is that a good idea? how early do i need to get there to be able to purchase tickets? can i purchase tickets the day before

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 27. Re: Car to Culebra Michael    03-30-17 02:24
a ticket on the cargo ferry!

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 28. Car to Culebra Jackie Gyro    03-29-17 15:00
Please! Someone that knows the law and the FACTS, please answer my question. What do I need to get my car with my personal belongings on the Cargo Ferry to Culebra?

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 29. Re: FIRST TIME Specialk    03-28-17 15:17
The easiest way would be to pre-purchase on Alternatively, just show up in Fajardo very early in the morning and you'll m

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 30. First Time to Puerto Rico Mona Rafi    03-28-17 09:27
I am traveling to San Juan for the first time and I really would like to take the Culebra Ferry to Flamenco Beach. Can someone help me figure out the best way to secure tickets before I get there in

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