Culebra - Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping in Culebra is not the challenge it used to be. You can get most food staples and even fresh apples from Washington if you desired them. Tropical fruit that are imported by the stores include bananas (guineos), platanos, citrus, piña and papaya . There are several in town, two are airconditioned, which might provide a nice break from the heat even if all you buy is a soda.

Culebra Tomates

* Panadería El Patio - Hot pan de agua at all hours. 742-0374
* Colmado Génesis
* Colmado Milka - supermarket, fresh and frozen meats. 742-2253
* Colmado Mixto
* El Pesquerito - fresh and frozen fish. 742-3506
* El Eden - 'Gourmet' items like lox, Angus beef, tuna, etc. and a selection of wines
* Isla del Sol Mini Market 742-0886
* Mayra's - supermarket 742-3888
* "Raffy's" - general store, when he has fruit it is the best in town (as of winter 2006 he seems closed, but for posterity's sake his listing stays)
* Marco's Grocery, next to El Caobo. 742-0505
* (Café Berlin - in Old San Juan has THE best German bread in the Caribbean, call Ernst at (787) 722-5205, for larger orders he will put the bread on a plane to Culebra! Or if you want to stop by: 407 Plaza Colón)

Culebra Cebollas