Wedding requirements in Puerto Rico

Exchanging vows in Puerto Rico is easy:

You must be at least 14 (girls) or 16 (boys) years old. If you are under 18, you need the consent of a parent.

You must provide blood test results, that are not older than 10 days. The clinic above the Culebra Alcaldia will perform that test. If you bring the results from a lab in the U.S., make sure they are signed by a doctor (the more official they look - the better).

With these test results you get your health certificates. They can be obtained from the Demographics Office at the hospital. You will need a $20 tax stamp, available at the Colecturía. While buying tax stamps, get a $5 one as well - you will need it for the minister's paperwork.

Have you been married before? - For your Culebra Wedding bring either a death certificate or divorce papers! If you are not a resident of either Puerto Rico or the U.S. you will need to go to a notary public and swear that you are not currently married. Put that declaration with your papers.

Judges, as well as priests and ministers, are authorized by law to perform wedding ceremonies both in and out of court. Unfortunately there is no court in Culebra. What does that mean for your wedding? You have the option between the catholic priest, who will perform non-catholic ceremonies, a minister from Vieques or a priest or minister from mainland Puerto Rico. Even though they will have to come to Culebra to perform the ceremony, this is might be a better option than trying to find a minister in Culebra.

For more info relating to Puerto Rico weddings, you may call (787) 641-6600

Marriage license (RD12) papers may be requested in writing:
Demographic Registry
P.O. Box 11854
Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
Phone: (787) 728-7980