Culebra - Comida Criolla

In Culebra you will not find as big a variety of Criollo cooking as in San Juan. But you will be able to taste some very typical dishes in large quantities!

The staples like empanadillas (crescent-shaped turnovers filled with lobster, crab, conch, or beef), the ubiquitous frijoles negros, tostones, platanos maduros, asopao (gumbo style soup made with either chicken or shellfish), carne guisada (beef stew), arroz con pollo, chuleta frita and pescado frito on the other hand are almost always available!

Most places change their menus according to mood and availability. I suggest go there and try it out! For further reading I recommend 'Cocina Criolla' by Carmen Aboy Valldejuli, a must for every Puerto Rican kitchen.

* Jugos Naturales de Culebra - All natural drinks made by Julian. Look for him at the plaza on Saturdays and Sundays. All drinks are made from fruit grown in his garden. The Guanabana drink is a must!
* Café Restaurante La Pista, in front of the airport 787-742-0166
Bacalaito Fritura
* Kiosko el Terminal, across from the Ferry -They have natural juices, pastelillos and daily specials.
* El Caobo, commonly known as 'Tina's', owned by Matilde and Marco - they offer catering as well 742-0505
* El Patio, also known as (La Panadería) is the town's bakery with a chicken grill. 742-0374
* Culebra Deli, pastelillos and empanadas, go at lunchtime and find half the school children in there. 742-3277
* El Batey, sandwiches and very good burgers and - on Saturday night - latin dancing! (not happening before midnight). 742-3828
* Joe's Pinchos (skewers) - next to the Panadería
* Pancho Restaurant 742-3691
* The Cafe at the airport, for early morning coffee.