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 31. Re: Sea Turtles Jeannie G3    03-24-09 21:04
Hola! The owners of Palmetto Guesthouse, Mark and Terrie Hayward had guests that saw a female leatherback turtle laying eggs on Zoni beach. Check out the Archives Section, June 2008 of their website t

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 32. Trip Report David Whitten    03-03-09 17:15
We visited Culebra 2/15 thru 2/20. We stayed at Trade Winds which we rented from Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house sits above Zoni and is an easy walk down to and back from the beach. Jim was gr

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 33. Re: Ocean View Quiet Villas Marywho    02-26-09 07:30
why wouldn't you call up one of the rental agents here (Culebra Island realty, Vacation Planners, Blue Horizons) and see what they have for your dates? How about Zoni Beach House?

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 34. Just back from la isla Tracy Eichelberger    02-10-09 17:44
Another great stay last week...(no.15 for Tracy, no.17 for Gary) Too windy for the kayaking we wanted to do (sorry Jim) but the water was great and had a great time one day at Zoni (thank

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 35. Re: Zoni Beach House Culebra Island Villas    02-03-09 19:45
Laura, chances are they are already booked. The weekend and following week of President's day are very sought after.

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 36. Re: zoni beach house bosie    02-03-09 13:43
I assume you emailed them at Might need to wait a few days, you know, island time.

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 37. Zoni Beach House Laura Peterson    02-03-09 12:14
I am having difficulty reaching the owner/manager of Zoni Beach House. Does anyone know how I can reach him or her by phone? We are interested in renting during the week of Feb. 21-28. Thanks, Laura

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 38. conctact owners of the zoni beach house janet mooney    01-19-09 22:11
besides an e-mail which I have sent how can i contact the owners about renting zoni beach house. janet mooney

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 39. Re: Culebra Trip Report Oct 18th – 26th tweer    11-07-08 19:14
Whatever. This place is in the barrio located next to the municipal gym where kids are playing games and making lots of noise, which is perfectly fine. No breeze whatsover, only view is of rundown hou

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 40. Culebra Trip Report Oct 18th – 26th CulebraLover    10-27-08 12:04
Culebra Trip Report Oct 18th – 26th My husband and I just got back from our 2nd trip to Culebra and I thought I would share some info…. Transportation – We took the fer

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 41. Re: Snorkel by boat Tracy Eichelberger    10-23-08 12:50
Snorkeling and trips to cays iinformation We have done the snorkel charter trip with Capt Jack in past (and it was tremendous). We have also done water taxi to both cays, and kayaked to/f

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 42. Re: Trip notes Mort    08-28-08 08:50
Thanks for the report, Jeff! It will help give new people a good picture of what Culebra is like. You covered the side of Culebra that people will find modest or even lacking. And you cov

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 43. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 44. Another Wedding Post Paul Wong    07-18-08 13:02
I know, I know, another post about weddings in Culebra, but at least I've read through your wedding section AND I got some recs from a friend of mine who did a wedding in Culebra 4 years ago. Here's

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 45. Re: Accomodation on beach Kristi    05-31-08 08:55
I'd suggest a place near Zoni Beach. It's quiet and very peaceful. We've rented a place just up the hill from Zoni though Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house was very private and just a 5-10 mi

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 46. Re: Accomodation on beach MJ    05-30-08 21:23
I've been to Zoni beach house and its situation with the beach off of the yard is amazing. It's a simple place (not rustic, just simple) but if I wanted to be on the beach I'd choose Zoni or a place o

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 47. Re: Accomodation on beach Doug    05-30-08 15:02
In its wisdom, Culebra has only had a minimal amount of actual "on the beach" lodging built. The two beaches with lodging are Tamarindo and Flamenco. Tamarindo Beach Cottages on the former and Culeb

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 48. Accomodation on beach Peter Wilson    05-30-08 00:40
Hi all My wife and I are trying to find somewhere on the beach on Culebra to stay for our honeymoon. We would like it to be as nice as possible, preferably with kitchenette. From what I'v

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 49. Re: Culebrita Debbie    05-19-08 18:26
Oh, hell - I got all y'all beat. I didn't step foot on Flamenco until five (yes FIVE) years after we first went to Culebra. Zoni came before that (maybe 2003) because we stayed in a house out that

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 50. Weather in September julian hallmark    04-18-08 12:47
My fiance and I are getting married in late august. I have been to Culebra before, and loved it. We were wondering if it is too hot in early september to be in Culebra? Also, are the mosquitos worse a

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 51. Re: Thanks! Will Hughes    04-04-08 09:44
Hey Zach, I can give you what some of my highlights were and take it for what it is worth. First off, are you planning to fly into Culebra from San Juan or take the ferry from Fajardo? I

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 52. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals kobes    03-03-08 22:48
Maybe you don't need a Jeep? Rent a bike. Take the publico. Hitch a ride. Walk. Run. Hike. Through my experience the only way I'd rent a Jeep/scooter/car was if I had several babies or was handicapped

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 53. just back....highlights Ellyn    03-02-08 15:09
We are jsut back from a week on the Island- our third visit. We rented a house from vacation planners. They were very helpful and friendly- A special thanks to Rachel who was of great as

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 54. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? Sphinx    02-28-08 12:03
Some friends stayed there a couple of years ago while we were also on the island. Perhaps it was just the time we were there, but it was VERY windy in that location. So windy, we were chased inside at

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 55. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? KMJ    02-22-08 11:26
Look into Culebra Island Realty, they rent lots of different houses, i'm sure one of them would fit your needs. Jim is great to work with.

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 56. Zoni Beach estate?? jojo fernandez    02-22-08 00:31
Cant really get a good picture of what Zoni Beach estate looks like from the website. Does anyone have a review or can anyone recommend another place. Looking for a really nice villa that can fit 6 pe

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 57. Re: Where to Stay Michael    02-20-08 10:13
Check out there are two places listed. Zoni Beach House' property bord

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 58. Re: When to Come? Doug    12-08-07 18:27
I have had Zoni to myself in February, and seen Carlos Rosario crowded (maybe 20 people) in May. "Crowded" on Culebra is more a function of scarce parking places, waits at restaurants, and no vacanci

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 59. Re: vacation rental Robert    07-27-07 11:39
Ola!! I have stayed at Zoni Beach least thats what it was called when we rented it. Its awesome cool....has a swimming pool!! It overlooks Zoni Beach and you can see St. Tho

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 60. Trip Report Donna Mills    07-10-07 22:19
Hello All! I will try to be brief and not bore you all. First of all, WE LOVE CULEBRA!! Flamenco Beach is just beautiful, the sand feels like flour. Zoni is also just as beautiful, breath-taking, rea

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