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Just back from la isla
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tracy Eichelberger (
Date:   02-10-09 17:44

Another great stay last week...(no.15 for Tracy, no.17 for Gary)

Too windy for the kayaking we wanted to do (sorry Jim) but the water was great and had a great time one day at Zoni (thanks to the cluster of green turtles scooping up the jellyfish), and some great snorkeling at Melones.

Great food at barbaraRosa's (twice), Junaita bananas (twice) and Bahia above-average dinner at Dingy Dock (just a little off for them) and an OK lunch (that's all) at mamacita's. Awesome sandwiches for the beach from El Eden, and of course a super burger at El Batay...

Weather was great most of the time. We stayed at the very impressive Villa Melones (through Culebra Island Realty) for the first time because we planned to have friends along, but they had to cancel last minute, so we had a lotta house to live was quit nice. The deck is outta this world. Dipping pool also nice extra. Very comfortable. Views were tremendous.

Car rental from jerry was smooth as usual and lots of funny talking to jerry, as always. Met many nice people. Enjoyed hearing Amy Jo at Dingy Dock also...she's great!

Cannot wait to return.

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Re: Just back from la isla
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   02-10-09 19:57

so Villa Melones is renting again? I'd heard it was off the sublet market for a while.

(note for future ref.)

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