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just back....highlights
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ellyn (
Date:   03-02-08 15:09

We are jsut back from a week on the Island- our third visit.

We rented a house from vacation planners. They were very helpful and friendly- A special thanks to Rachel who was of great assistance with our water and communication issues and recommended Guilene (sp?) to take us over to Culebrita. He was great; friendly, reliable and charged a reasonable fee ($45.00).I would not recommend staying at the Doll house however. The views are nice but the accomodations (ie water, working oven, pots to cook in) were not great. I heard really good things about Casa Robinson. It has beautiful views and is practically brand new.

We rented a golf cart, which was economical, fun to drive, great on gas and got us every where we wanted to go- including Zoni and Punta Soldada. Culebrita was amazing, with great snorkling as was Carols Resario. We hiked over the trail from Flamenco beach and saw several wild deer.

The best food we had was at Susie's and Bahia Marina (and the view is gorgeous), Pico del Gallos was also good and very reasonably priced. Enjoyed the drumming (Wikko Sound) Sat. PM at Mamacita's andx the iguanas in the am. All and all, a great and relaxing week. At home we missed 2 snow storms and a -12 degree morning. Back just in time for another 6 inches of snow. Think spring, New England. Ellyn

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Re: just back....highlights
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Myrna (66.50.224.---)
Date:   03-03-08 11:21

Hi Ellyn

We are planning a visit to Culebra on March 28.. and returning on sunday 30th. We wanted to bring our car with us, but cargo on ferry is not available on sundays.

Can you tell us where did u rent the golf cart and how much was it per day? This will be of great help to us.

Thanks in advanced for ur info..


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Re: just back....highlights
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   03-03-08 19:15

Carlos Jeeps rents golf carts. See Transport, Getting Around to the left.

Happy Diving!

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