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 31. Posada la Hamaca Kang    05-16-05 00:37
Quick Question: Has anyone stayed at the Posada la Hamaca or know of it? I'm just trying to find a place that's clean, secure/safe, central, and pretty decently priced. Thanks in adv

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 32. Re: Panic Doug    03-02-05 15:30
The obvious choice for price and general location is Posada La Hamaca. Doug

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 33. Re: female, alone, relaxing and finding friends Doug    02-23-05 14:41
You're headed in the right direction with Culebra. Most of the social scene you describe will be centered around the happy hours at Mamacita's and the Dinghy Dock...this is where the local ex-pats par

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 34. Re: culebra with kids JoseGuzman    02-17-05 05:25
Culebrita is the best beach there, if seas are good you can make it on a rental boat at Casa Ensenada, which is very close to posada La Hamaca. Of course you may want to visit Flamenco, and Zoni

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 35. Re: culebra with kids luis grundler    02-16-05 20:14
hi , Katalina we have water taxi service to Culebrita and kids have 50% off we departure from Mamacitas next door from Posada La Hamaca Culebrita is the Best .................. Enj

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 36. culebra with kids kathy    02-16-05 19:51
Hi everyone was wondering if anyone can give me some input on staying with children?? they are 6 and 12 they both love the water what is a good beach for us to go to?? and do we need a car?? there is

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 37. Re: 3/19-3/25 - tons of questions! JoseGuzman    02-13-05 06:04
Just a lot Ha ! To begin 300.00 budget is way to low for a 5 or 6 night stay. You should be thinking above 500.00. I rather stay at Villa Boheme, ( A/C, clean rooms, community kitchen, no T

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 38. From Culebra guesthouses to the price of beer Judes    02-13-05 04:30
I just spent the whole evening reading up on Culebras! There are so many fab reviews about this island alone that my heart is now set to visit as a last minute trip. (I'm in desperate need of R&R!)

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 39. Re: One night and two days in Culebra Doug    02-01-05 13:30
Posada la Hamaca is a very nice, but not extravegant, guest house. Last time I stayed there, a room for two was about $60 a night. Small but charming rooms, and a small clean bathroom. Outdoor shower

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 40. Congratulations to Culebra Jimmy R    01-30-05 01:44
I just want to tell you what a great time my wife and I had last week in Culebra. Our vacation started with a simple E-mail I recieved for a special round trip ticket from NY to Puerto Rico. From ther

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 41. Re: Honeymoon Accommodations Jean    01-06-05 20:48
I did spend my honeymoon there and wouldn't spend much money on a hotel. We didn't spend much time there anyways. We stayed at Posada La Hamaca and enjoyed our cozy stay there. I do know that with a

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 42. Re: November rental Michael    08-19-04 19:05
Posada La Hamaca is in town and very reasonable. Michael

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 43. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas JC    08-10-04 12:23
Matt & Teresa, Thanks for your thoughtful responses. I'm sorry if my posting made it seem like cleanliness was the main issue here, because it's not. (If you knew Posada la Hamaca, you'

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 44. Re: Beware of Harbour View Villas JC    08-06-04 12:46
JoRay, Sorry to hear about your experience and loss of cash. When I was looking into going to Culebra last March, I ran into the same shady B.S. with HBB. I researched it and found out

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 45. Re: Reasonably priced accomodation Michael    07-18-04 13:17
In San Juan, check out the Hotel Milano. It's clean, reasonable and right in the heart of old San Juan. In Culebra, Villa Boheme or Posada Hamaca are good choices. Best of luck

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 46. Re: Club Seabourne JC    04-26-04 14:09
We stayed in Posada la Hamaca and the place was great (it was my second time). Ginny is a real sweetheart of a lady, and they give you towels, a cooler and ice for the beach. They also let you use t

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 47. Re: Club Seabourne Olgui    04-15-04 21:46
Does Villa Boheme or Posada La Hamaca are better places to stay in Culebra than Tamarindo Estates or Club Seabourne.??? Are they to far from Town?? I am waiting for experiences and recomendatio

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 48. Re: villa Michael    04-14-04 17:57
Check out Posada LaHamaca and Villa Boheme. Boheme is directly on the bay, La Hamaca is on the canal.

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 49. Re: Club Seabourne Roger    02-09-04 15:15
Lisa: Club Seaborne is more of a mainland America sort of place. Boheme is nice also consider Posada la Hamaca. 787-742-3516 Bothe are more in keping of the bohemian style of the islan

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 50. Re: Culebra Adventure Roger    02-09-04 14:55
You wold be foolish not to visit Culebra. Probably best to make reservations as early as you can. But you may find it easy to call a day or two in advance and still get a room. I like the Posada la

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 51. Re: Kayaking in Culebra Questions David Sweet    01-29-04 23:09
Eric, My wife and I and two sons have been kayaking on Culebra for probably 7-8 years. Talk to Jim Peterson 787-379-1973 to rent tandem sit on tops. We have a tandem Folbot that we bring with.

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 52. Re: looking for resident Scott Rivera    01-21-04 10:31
Tim- One way to get ahold of Ron is to call Posada la Hamaca hotel at (787) 742-3516 or (787) 435-0028. Ron was dating a woman named Pat who manages the hotel. Leave a message 'cause they are

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 53. Re: Places to Stay Lila    01-11-04 19:33
We like Posada Hamaca, right in town, with a canal-side patio for relaxing in the sun. It's an easy walk to restaurants, shopping, the ferry dock, beaches and the bus to Flamenco. Rates are under $1

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 54. My recent trip to Culebra Keisha    06-05-03 12:12
Just wanted to tell about my recent trip to Culebra with my mom and two friends. We went on May 26, Memorial Day and the ferry was sold out an hour and a half before it was supposed to leave. We end

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