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 61. Re: Rental Car OK on Culebra Roads? Ron Stone    01-20-08 13:36
Anyone tried the Golf carts from Carlos Jeep rental? Would they make it to Zoni?

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 62. Re: Rental Vehicles CARLOS JEEP RENTAL    01-14-08 08:09
Hello Vicki My name is Jennifer. Vicki once you call and reserve a car with us and you let us know that you are coming in the 7:00pm Ferry we will do all the arangement for a agent of car

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 63. Re: I guess it works now.... Car rental bosie    01-04-08 08:45
I would definitely rent a car in advance. There will be little negotiation going on, the fees are pretty much set. Try Carlos Jeeps or Jerry's Jeeps.

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 64. Jerry's Jeeps - phone number? carlos Diaz    12-27-07 14:40
i'm looking for a beater this time around. not that i plan on beating the car, but i had an awful experience last time with carlos jeep rental and am looking for an alternative. can an

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 65. Car Rental In Culebra CARLOS JEEP RENTAL    12-14-07 14:37
All of our costumers the Gran Family of Carlos Jeep Rental wants to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be CLOSED on December 31,2007 and Jan. 1,2008. Thank you and h

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 66. Re: Vehicle Rental jeremy    10-16-07 14:42
Hello Vicki I heard that June and July there are a lot of turist on culebra. I always rent at carlos Jeep i always reserve 2 months before....

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 67. Car Rental CARLOS JEEP RENTAL    09-21-07 14:12
To all our costumer and visitors we want to inform you that Carlos Jeep Rental will be close on December 31,2007 and January 1,2008. We wanted to inform you so you can make your arrangeme

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 68. Re: Visiting Culebra very soon Jorge Flores    03-04-07 21:31
I know that Pandeli has a computer for e-mail retrieval. As far as night life is concerned, there is none. Your best bet is to hang out at Mamacitas or the Dinghy Dock for drinks after dinner. The isl

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 69. Re: Visiting Culebra very soon Lourdes    03-04-07 09:55
if you can rent a jeep (I suggest Carlos Jeep Rental) it is the best way to explore the island and get to all the beaches.

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 70. Just back from Culebra Diana Feinstein    02-25-07 10:56
My boyfriend and I just got back from our first trip to Culebra. We loved it, and because this website was so helpful for us, I thought I'd return the favor and put my two-sense in. F

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 71. Re: Carlos Jeep Rentals Michael    02-21-07 03:43
Christian, to contact Carlos you should try his website, or the form at

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 72. Carlos Jeep Rentals Christian Santiago    02-20-07 23:19
Buenos dias Carlos. Estoy planeando ir con mi esposa el fin de semana del 9 de marzo al 12 de marzo y quisiera saber en cuanto me costaria por dia un Jeep y desde que edad pueden alquilar las p

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 73. Re: Carlos Jeep Rentals Mary Keller    02-19-07 01:51
Carlos Jeep Rentals are the BEST! Their people really know how to treat customers well, and their cars are immaculately maintained. They are courteous and friendly and act like they like working for

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 74. Re: Carlos Jeep Rentals LA_FadeAway    02-17-07 03:52
Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy to hear the good news, since we'll be renting from them in a couple months!

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 75. Carlos Jeep Rentals jorge    02-15-07 07:29
We rented a Jeep from Carlos Jeep Rentals on Monday Feb 12 and returned it on the same day since we were going to be in Culebra only for one day. We were treated with the utmost profesion

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 76. just back from la isla Gary Eichelberger    02-15-07 01:59
Got back last week from 13th trip to Culebra. We took friends this time for first time ever and they are hooked. Stayed at a house rented from Culebra Island Realty and it was great - sited on Pela/Al

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 77. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Yaritza L. Albelo    01-25-07 21:57
Mr. Diaz this is Carlos from Carlos Jeep Rental . Excuse my wifes gramar,she does her best. Carlos Jeep as she mentioned started with a couple of vehicles and has grow

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 78. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Yaritza L. Albelo    01-25-07 19:28
Hello Everybody: Thank you for all of our customers that speak good about us. Let me tell you something that probably most of you don't know: My name is Yaritza

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 79. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Michael    01-25-07 10:49
Please, tell everyone in Culebra, that the forum is good for tourism, because it makes for an educated and therefore not disappointed (=returning) tourist! Business owners in Culebra ar

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 80. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Debbie    01-24-07 18:35
Carlos, Don't worry about the firestorm created by your post. This topic obviously needed to be discussed. I'm glad to hear that you had been to Culebra many times. I'm afraid it's exp

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 81. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Doug    01-24-07 17:36
Typical or not, I hope Carlos has the opportunity to read this and decide if he needs to spruce up his policies and proceedures. If it was my business, I'd be grateful for the chance. do

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 82. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Appetite    01-24-07 17:20
Carlos, Thanks for the info. We used another rental company because we too have been squeezed by Carlos Jeep Rental in the past. We were so surprised! It really soured ou

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 83. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals carlos Diaz    01-24-07 14:57
well this has certainly caused a storm on this board, which was not really my intent. let me clarify a couple of things: - i did note specifically that this is my one experience with carl

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 84. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Kayra    01-22-07 21:18
I agree with Debbie about those who already have reservations with Carlos Jeep Rental to keep their reservations and report back on their experiences. I know whenever I rent a vehicle I inspect the wh

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 85. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals jeremy    01-22-07 21:02
Iv rented in the past from carlos jeep rental for the past 3 years one of those time i damage one of his jeeps never had a problem to pay because i know i was responsable my point is that carlos jeep

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 86. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Debbie    01-22-07 21:02
I've never rented from Carlos, but I think you have to look at an incident like this as something that could happen anywhere, not just on Culebra. We have all, no matter what color, shape, size or re

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 87. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals Ann Crumpton    01-22-07 20:40
Actually, I am feeling the same way. I reserved a jeep from Carlos some time ago for a trip next month. I would be okay with an older and beat up jeep but since I was making the trip arrangements,

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 88. Re: Pros and Cons of Jeep Rentals LA_FadeAway    01-22-07 20:11
This whole car thing is bumming me out. I've dealt with this attitude in other countries and don't want to deal with it again. I just reserved an'07 Wrangler from Carlos, but now I'm having seconds th

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 89. Re: Scooters vs Jeeps in Culebra Debbie    01-20-07 09:07
Kathleen, Don't forget to factor insurance into those prices. I don't know if Dick & Cathie (the Thing people) require it, but Jerry now DOES (new within the last couple of months) requ

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 90. Re: Warning to all jeep renters! beachbound    01-19-07 18:00
As Americanos, we have rented from Carlos Jeep 3 times and have never had any problems. They were very helpful the 1st time and even remembered us the 2nd time. The 3rd time we had some issues with

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