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 31. Re: jeep rental Geronimo    04-01-10 09:03
If you want a shiny new one then see Carlos but you will pay more.

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 32. Re: Need Help - Melones VS. Flamenco VS. Carlos Sue Dyle    01-16-10 16:17
Don't bother trying to snorkel at Flamenco-rough water makes it too hard. Just body surf there. I've seen people washed into the corral at the end of the beach a couple of times, its not a pretty si

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 33. Re: where is this rental? hillman    10-29-09 07:55
Correction: This rental is on the WEST coast overlooking Louis Pena. Here is the link to the car rental:

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 34. Re: where is this rental? hillman    10-28-09 16:33
This property belongs to Carlos of Carlos Jeep Rental. It is located on the hill on the east side of the island above Louis Pena.

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 35. Re: SJ to Culebra: excellent option fro transport Matt TOSIELLO    09-01-09 23:49
I used to be an event planner and marketing manager so I'm not going to downplay how hard it is to book a trip for 45 people... however... I am going to jump to Jerry's defense here. We'

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 36. Re: Taxi transportation Jeannie G3    08-12-09 13:56
Hola! I'm sure you can. Look under the TRANSPORT section in the website or :

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 37. Re: Was this post hurtfull to Costa Bonita? Jeannie G3    07-27-09 11:12
Hola! I think day trips are fun and often necessary to get a taste of how a place is. If you enjoy it, you make plans to return and spend more time, if you didn't care for it, at least you found that

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 38. Re: car rentals Debbie    05-09-09 20:51
Carlos rents Jeeps (real Jeeps) and Chrysler mini-fans. Jerry's fleet pretty much consists of Jeep-like vehicles, namely Suzuki Vitaras and other smaller, older Suzuki vehicles. There are no sedans

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 39. 1st time visitor Jermey    02-20-09 15:37
Good day to everyone! Thanks to this site we have changed our vacation plans from the mainland to Culebra. This site has been wonderful at expressing the quietness, seclusion, friendly atmosphere that

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 40. Re: Carlos Jeep Rental Mort    11-30-08 16:39
Yes. Their website is

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 41. Carlos Jeep Rental Robin Cavanagh    11-30-08 12:58
Also, we are renting our Jeep from Carlos'. Are they located at the airport?

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 42. Re: Culebra not as expected - Trip Review Frank    10-01-08 16:46
"We stopped at the Carlos Jeep rental in the airport, we begin to head somewhere to get breakfast. And ding, the gas light came on, so we tried for about 10 minutes to find a gas station. When we foun

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 43. Culebra not as expected - Trip Review Robert T.    10-01-08 11:01
Went to Culebra on the 24th of September. Planned to spend 2 nights there. The first thing upon arrival was to rent a Jeep. We stopped at the Carlos Jeep rental in the airport, we begin to head somewh

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 44. Re: a week in November Jeannie G3    09-05-08 17:07
Hola! That's a great week, just before the holidays kick in and start. It will be all about logistics and how well you plan it out but, one week is doable. Although, you might want to put your energy

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 45. Re: hotel advice Adolfo Criscuolo    06-24-08 16:56
Re: hotel advice Author: Debra ( Date: 03-23-03 18:36 As far as the expense....well each to his own, we stayed at a relatively new guest house named Casita Linda

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 46. Re: Car Rental ada    06-15-08 15:53
Thankyou all i reserve with carlos Jeep

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 47. Re: Car Rental Frank    06-15-08 11:51
We always rent from Carlos, but not because we enjoy driving a "showy" car while on Culebra. (Is that even possible haha) We have always found the people at Carlos Jeep Rental extremel

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 48. Re: Car Rental Doug    06-14-08 10:53
Trisha, I'm sorry you were dissatisfied with Jerry's practices, but may I interject that I've always been 100% happy with my dealings with him. Ants do live on Culebra and parking near

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 49. Re: Dive Equipment Trent Hackett    05-15-08 00:07
Debbie, thanks for the info. It's great to know about the quality of the rental gear just in case something where to happen to ours. One more question (for now). We plan to spend the first part of

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 50. Re: Thrifty Car rental Number JP    04-23-08 14:34
Yes The Car rental of thrifty as closed there doors now bahia marina hotel have it now. There are other Car rental in the island there is Carlos Jeep Rental 787-742-3514 at the Airport Jerry Jeep at

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 51. Re: I guess it works now.... Car rental CARLOS JEEP RENTAL    02-18-08 17:55
Hello Everyone that visit the web-page The Gran Family of Carlos Jeep Rental feels deeply sad for the words of Mr.DePrez . For more than 8 years we always work very hard for ours cust

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 52. Re: I guess it works now.... Car rental Michael Nickerson    02-18-08 11:23
My first trip I used Carlos with no problems, everyone who worked there was very nice. Every trip since, about once a year for the last 5 years, I've used Jerry, he's a little cheaper and his pre-rent

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 53. Re: Jeep/Car Rental Culebra    02-14-08 16:42
I would give Jerry's and Carlos Jeeps a call, you can find the contact info under the transport section.

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 54. Re: what is the number for jerrys car rental? JM    02-13-08 19:32
DePrez - What's with the pulling up old threads on car rentals just for the purpose of trashing Carlos Jeep?

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 55. Re: I guess it works now.... Car rental JM    02-13-08 19:20
Lots of people seem to like and recommend Jerry's. I haven't had the pleasure myself, but there's got to be a better reason to recommend them other than the fact that they are not... Carlos Jeep?

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 56. Re: what is the number for jerrys car rental? DePrez    02-13-08 18:46
I agree, Jerrys is much better than Carlos Jeep. To have a nice time, avoid Carlos Jeep.

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 57. Re: Car Rental In Culebra DePrez    02-13-08 18:42
Don't be fooled. Avoid Carlos Jeep. Anywhere else is better, I know.

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 58. Re: I guess it works now.... Car rental DePrez    02-13-08 18:40
Try Jerry's jeep. Avoid Carlos jeep. If you check with the chief of police on the island, you will see they have a history of mechanical problems.

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 59. Re: Car and scooter rental prices Butch    02-02-08 16:01
Yep, we rented from Jerry and although the jeep wasn't brand new, it suited us fine. He was cheaper on the insurance/rental price (to me) than Carlos'.

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 60. Re: Car and scooter rental prices katherine    01-29-08 19:08
Stephen The scooter in culebra are about $40.00 per day , for a car about $45.00 and up depend on the vehicle. For Scooter go to the airport culebra scooter for car rental Carlos Jeep Ren

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