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Camping Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Caitlin (
Date:   01-21-07 15:53

A few quick questions:

1. Do I need a camping permit to pitch a tent at the campsites near Playa Flamenco? You think I need reservations for Feb.?

2. Do you think it makes sense to bring my own tent or rent a tent at Culebra?

3. Are there lockers for campers where I can put valuables when I leave the campsite?...and is it standard to leave a campsite with a pitched tent, clothes, ID, etc. during the day when exploring other parts of the island (or snorkeling etc.)? Me and a friend are planning to camp there for 5 days or so, and if we dont have to move campsites daily, well, that'd be great!

4. The ATM on the island- does it work? Do folks usually travel w/ cash or travellers checks?

Thanks a lot folks! I appreciate the help!


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Re: Camping Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   01-22-07 02:59

there are now a couple of ATM's on the island (no luck for me the first time when it emptied early and fast - and stayed empty) different story these days.

others will have to comment on camping, but I've heard few complaints re belongings.

can anyone tell I'm currently unemployed and bored out of my skull? I hope it's not too obvious...

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