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Teenagers going to Culebra on March 31
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DANIEL (
Date:   03-19-05 17:27

I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 28 through April 2. I will be traveling with my two friends and I; (17,17,18 years old). On march 31, we will wake up at take a taxi to Fajardo at and catch the Ferry to Culebra. Then, we will come back to Fajardo THAT SAME DAY on the Culebra ferry. Yes, we are young but we want to go there. The only question I have is are there any ferry's that come to San Juan and drops us off at Culebra [ the same thing to go back home at San Juan ] [ The Normandie Hotel ]. As well as, on March 31, a Thursday, couple of days AFTER Easter, will the ferry going there and coming back home be reliable because we do not want to be stuck on that island until the next morning. I would like to know if anyone can give me any more pointers before I leave in 9 days. Thank you very much, this site is awesome! Greatly appreciated.

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Re: Teenagers going to Culebra on March 31
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   03-20-05 04:25

The ferry schedule is always the same, with just few exceptions on holidays. To make sure you make it to Culebra, better be at the dock by 0730. Many people lose their ride because there are many people in the ticket line.
That week many locals do not work, plus if you add high season, better get there very early.
When comming back from Culebra, there may be rush, but not the same as to get there.
There is a ferry, AETHNA on pier 2 or 3 from San JUan.
But I do not think it is in service yet. It will be servicing SJU/CUL/VIE.
Oh! just in case, be early at the dock on your way back.
Good luck.

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: Teenagers going to Culebra on March 31
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mark Streeter (
Date:   03-22-05 19:49

Some more advice. bring bug spray. And make sure to stay open to meeting and really getting to know the people on the island. The beaches are great, the weather is nice, but what makes me come back are the people, some of the greatest i've met in my 22 years.

oh yea, PS. remember you're on island time as soon as you're off the ferry. If something doesn't work, or isn't on time, just chill. Going with the flow is the only way to do it. And theres almost no inconvenience sipping on a medalla and reminding yourself you've got noone to see, nothing due, and no where you have to be, won't cure.

have fun boys.

I live in was - 40, god i miss culebra.... :)

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