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First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Yi (
Date:   03-01-05 14:45

My boyfriend and I are planning to visit San Juan, Culebra, and St. Thomas on a four-day-three-night trip.

We're arriving San Juan (SJU) at 12:30 pm, and planning to visit Old San Juan area during the afternoon. At about 6:00 pm, we'll take Air Flamenco to Culebra.

On the second day, we'll go to beach Flamenco. We plan to go to St. Thomas sometime in the afternoon.

We'll stay at St. Thomas for two nights, visit St. John, and go back on the fourth day's afternoon.

There are some questions that I have.

1. How can we get to Old San Juan from SJU. Are the attractions within walk distance? How can we get SIG from Old San Juan?

2. How can we get to St. Thomas from Culebra. Is there a ferry?

3. Is it recommended to rent a car on St. Thomas and St. John to get around?

4. Is there any place that highly recommended for our trip that we missed to consider? We don't want miss anything important, because this is a once-many-year trip.

I know some of the questions are not quite relevant to this website. However, I found people are extremely friendly and helpful here, and I don't know where else I can ask these questions.

We'd really appreciate your help and advices.

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Re: First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Peter Bowden (
Date:   03-01-05 15:36

My first observation is that you are trying to cover too much in too little time.

I've stayed on both Culebra and St. John. I've never stayed on the main island of Puerto Rico so I can't be much help there.

I'm tempted to suggest that you choose either St. John or Culebra and spend a little longer in one place.

Also, it is easier to get from SJU to St. John (through St. Thomas) or Culebra but not so easy to get from Culebra to St. Thomas (and St. John).

Which you'd prefer depends on what you like to do.

If you like to shop and the hustle and bustle then you'll want St. Thomas.

If you enjoy snorkeling, hiking & boating then Culebra or St. John will suit you more.

St. John has several very nice beaches and excellent snorkeling (Waterlemon Cay & others).

Culebra has the amazing Flaminco Beach and also excellent snorkeling at Carlos Rosario (both side of the point) and Melones which is right near Town and the ferry dock.

I'm a snorkeler/hiker and were I in your situation, I'd opt for Culebra. It will be less expensive to get to ans stay on and it is easy to get around since it is so small.

To really enjoy Culebra I'd get a jeep-like car (we rented from Jerry's Jeeps and he was great to deal with and will brief you fully on the attractions when you pick up your jeep) so you can go to the beaches without waiting for a taxi.

We also rented a motorboat from Butch at Culebra Boat Rental for two days (we were there for a week) and it was the highlight of our visit. It gave us a fresh look at the island and allowed us to go to Celubrita and also let us snorkel in lots of neat locations that aren't too easy to get to by land.

Both Jerry and Butch were easy to deal with but then, we took care of their equipment as if it was our own.

For the amount of time you have I'd say to slow down and limit your destination list. I saw the same fish and sea turtles on Culebra that I did on St. John and, though I loved my 2 visits to St. John, I'd sooner return to Culebra. It is a nice size and, I have to say that the people of Culebra in general are much more friendly to the tourist than on St. John or St. Thomas.

You don't want to be rushing around on an island vacation...this is a place to RELAX.

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Re: First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   03-01-05 15:46


Peter's advice is good. Enjoy.


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Re: First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   03-01-05 17:57

I agree with Mr. Bowden advise. I do not think you can fly from Culebra to USVI, and there are no ferries for that route.
Call Casa Ensenada, there is Butch, he has the boats, and lodging too.
I believe he is listed in this forum under lodging or shelter.
In case you decide to take the ferry to Culebra, be sure to be at the dock on or before 0800, it gets crowded, more on Saturdays, and Sundays.
Also, Villa Boheme is very good.

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   03-02-05 10:56

Hey all,

I just looked at Isla Nena's new website and they are offering "on-demand" flights to St. Thomas. There is a 6 person minimum. This really doesn't offer much help to Yi, because her 3 night timeframe would be further reduced by all the hassle of traveling.

But it is good to know that the option exists for future reference.


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Re: First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jacques (
Date:   03-02-05 16:38

I think you are trying to do too much.
You should stay on Culebra and relax
(you'll thank us later).

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