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First timer, advice/comment needed
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Yi (
Date:   03-01-05 14:45

My boyfriend and I are planning to visit San Juan, Culebra, and St. Thomas on a four-day-three-night trip.

We're arriving San Juan (SJU) at 12:30 pm, and planning to visit Old San Juan area during the afternoon. At about 6:00 pm, we'll take Air Flamenco to Culebra.

On the second day, we'll go to beach Flamenco. We plan to go to St. Thomas sometime in the afternoon.

We'll stay at St. Thomas for two nights, visit St. John, and go back on the fourth day's afternoon.

There are some questions that I have.

1. How can we get to Old San Juan from SJU. Are the attractions within walk distance? How can we get SIG from Old San Juan?

2. How can we get to St. Thomas from Culebra. Is there a ferry?

3. Is it recommended to rent a car on St. Thomas and St. John to get around?

4. Is there any place that highly recommended for our trip that we missed to consider? We don't want miss anything important, because this is a once-many-year trip.

I know some of the questions are not quite relevant to this website. However, I found people are extremely friendly and helpful here, and I don't know where else I can ask these questions.

We'd really appreciate your help and advices.

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