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A few silly Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Joe Maluk (
Date:   02-16-10 19:47

Are there any shaded areas at Flamenco and Cayo Norte?, Gazebos or oversize umbrella rental?
Does anyone still rent boats?
What are the currents like around the scuba / snorkeling spots?

My family and I will be going to Culebra around the end of March. I'm about to wrap up a 13 month tour in Iraq. I personnaly dont have a problem being under the sun for long periods of time, But my wife is a pale Russian & we have a 10 month old boy. I want them to enjoy the beaches but at the same time I dont want them to burn up. Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: A few silly Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: John W. (
Date:   02-16-10 20:01


Both Flamenco Beach and Zoni Beach have great shade.

At Flamenco as you enter the beach turn left toward the tank and go down about 100 yards. You will see a grove of tall palm trees that provide plenty of shade. You can also get there by walking down the camp ground round and enter beach near the yellow camp sites. There is a great set of trees to which you can tie a hammock. There are other spots along that end of the beach.

If you go the far right on Flamenco toward the shark pen, their is a grove of trees that you can sit under. They also rent beach umbrellas just as you enter the beach.

At Zoni, there are tall palms to the left as you enter the beach. Go down about 1/4 mile and you will see different patches. To the right, about 100 yards down is an area of sea grapes that you can put chairs under. (Cayo Norte is private property so I think you may have meant Zoni.)

Get to both spots before 10:00 am to get the best shade.

There is also shade at Carlos Rosario, a beach that is a 15 minute hike from Flamenco parking lot. There is plenty of shade there and it is private if you get there early in morning.

If you are snorkeling close in at any of the beaches (Melones, Carlos Rosario, Flamenco, Zoni) you should not encounter any strong currents. If you swim too far out at Carlos Rosario you could catch a bad current there.

End of March will be a great time and you should have some privacy before Easter week begins.

Thanks for your service to our country.

Safe travels,


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Re: A few silly Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Geronimo (
Date:   02-17-10 12:02

As John noted, you can find shade at most all of the beaches. It's a little hard to find on Culebrita if you take a boat taxi over there for the day. And Cayo Norte is not really on the "must see" list. You have to take a water taxi to get there and there is a reef that runs in front of most all of the beach so it's not good for swimming.

No bare-boat rentals available.

Currents depend on the weather conditions at the time. The weather in the North Altlantic off of the East coast seems to have a large impact ont he swells and current. So evaluate each place you go each day for changing conditions.

Thanks again for you service.

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Re: A few silly Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Joe Maluk (
Date:   02-17-10 12:26


I really appreciate the Info. I was unaware of the restrictions on Cabo Norte, but its good that you guys clarify that for me.

I grew up in Ponce, but I left the island 19 years ago when I joned the Army and havent gone back since. I am sure a lot have change, and for what I hear the main Island its not doing good at all.

I am really looking forward for some good R&R. Maybe we can catch each other at one of the local watering holes.

Thanks for the tips.


Proud to Serve!!!

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