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Car Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brian Bouwkamp (
Date:   12-08-09 23:13

My wife and I are vacationing in Culebra in January.
Have some questions about how to best do the travel to and from Fajardo from San Juan.
Here's our planned itinerary:
Jan 12: Fly into San Juan International, drive or cab to Old San Juan Sheraton (Not sure if it's best to rent car - Sheraton has a mandatory $21.00/day valet parking, or take cab to motel - also $21.00)

Jan 13: Take rental car through El Yunque and catch 7:00 evening ferry to Culebra

Jan 14-17: On Culebra (Rent jeep or get golf cart or some combination, cost for these per day?)

Jan 18: Ferry back to Fajardo, get rental car and drive back to Old San Juan, afternoon tour the town, stay at Old San Juan Sheraton again.

Jan 19: Cab or Rental car to San Juan Int'l --- then back to snow country!

Questions above as well as what's the best way to rent a car to take to Fajardo and then again back to San Juan. I called Leaseway, they said 24hr rental was $94.00 for subcompact, seemed high. I couldn't figure out a good way to priceline bid or expedia the car for drop off at a location in Fajardo or Ceiba. Any ideas?

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