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Car Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brian Bouwkamp (
Date:   12-08-09 23:13

My wife and I are vacationing in Culebra in January.
Have some questions about how to best do the travel to and from Fajardo from San Juan.
Here's our planned itinerary:
Jan 12: Fly into San Juan International, drive or cab to Old San Juan Sheraton (Not sure if it's best to rent car - Sheraton has a mandatory $21.00/day valet parking, or take cab to motel - also $21.00)

Jan 13: Take rental car through El Yunque and catch 7:00 evening ferry to Culebra

Jan 14-17: On Culebra (Rent jeep or get golf cart or some combination, cost for these per day?)

Jan 18: Ferry back to Fajardo, get rental car and drive back to Old San Juan, afternoon tour the town, stay at Old San Juan Sheraton again.

Jan 19: Cab or Rental car to San Juan Int'l --- then back to snow country!

Questions above as well as what's the best way to rent a car to take to Fajardo and then again back to San Juan. I called Leaseway, they said 24hr rental was $94.00 for subcompact, seemed high. I couldn't figure out a good way to priceline bid or expedia the car for drop off at a location in Fajardo or Ceiba. Any ideas?

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Re: Car Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   12-13-09 22:50

I would get the rental car the day I left for the ferry. You will be able to walk to eating places in OSJ. Get the one way rental (I have not done this, but if you search this forum you will find folks who have). You may be too late to get a rental on Culebra. This is busy season and there are few rentals available. Good luck. We got a publico to take us from the ferry to the SJ airport.

Vicki in Tennessee

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Re: Car Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank S. (
Date:   12-15-09 01:22

Hi Brian
another possibility is to go to culebra the day you land in san juan. if the timing is right.
since you will be saving money on the hotel and car rental, you can afford to fly to culebra, either from sju or ceiba.
or take a publico to the ferry
stay there till the 18th.
get a one way car rental from avis, go to el yunque then to a hotel in san juan
go home the next day.
you can also hire a driver to pick you up fromthe ferry take you to el yunque then to your hotel.
you might even figure in a trip to the bio bay on vieques

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Re: Car Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brian Bouwkamp (
Date:   12-19-09 00:14

Thanks for the input! We ended up getting a car through Enterprise at San Juan Int'l, $29.50 + $20.00 drop chg in Fajardo at L&M. So long as we're there before 4:30pm they'll give us a no chg ride over to the ferry. On the way back I think we'll take the advice of doing the Padin van to San Juan as L&M charges $60 for the drop fee in San Juan (would've been about $95.00 for car rental w/ drop). Can't wait!

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