How to share your Culebra photos

To share your Culebra pictures with the rest of us just has become super simple:

Email the original picture (filesize > 100K and < 2.5M) to !

Yes, that's it - or almost :) To really have the pictures show up nicely, please email only 1 picture at a time and write a nice title, such as 'Mom on Flamenco Beach' in the subject of the email ;)
Please rotate your images, so they are right side up. Turn your signature off if it contains an image (otherwise it will be in there with every picture).

Give me your feedback in this Forum thread!

Please, be advised that you give your consent that the image will be published on and that uploading of material that you do not own the copyrights to is considered a breach of this website's TOS and could be considered 'hacking' and is punishable by law.