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 1. Re: Best way to travel to Culebra? Jennifer White    04-09-19 20:42
I have always flown out of San Juan, either through Isla Grande airport (about 20 min cab ride away, in San Juan) or through SJU. Seaborne airlines and Cape air offer flights from SJU. From Isla Gra

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 2. Flights to Culebra Becky Wheeler    07-18-18 16:07
Good afternoon! We are looking to stay in Culebra again January 2019. We are looking into flights now, as prices are starting to go up. Many of the flights from SJU and Isla Grande aren't

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 3. Re: Getting from SJU to Culebra- Advice needed Otto B    03-24-18 14:52
Here is what we did last year and it worked great: Take a short taxi ride from San Juan Intl airport to Isla Grande Airport (Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport) in Miramar. Book a fli

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 4. Re: Air Flamenco restarts January 22 Carl Sweigert    02-05-18 18:03
So I'm the new guy on the block after lurking on the blog the past several weeks prepping for my first Culebra trip. I got an e mail Jan 24, 2018 from Air Flamenco stating I could book a flight from C

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 5. Seaborne Air Chapter 11 Nick & Michelle    01-12-18 08:14
I just got this email back from Seaborne Air because we are going t Culebra in April: "At this time, we will not be schedule to Cuelbra in April. There is no update as to when Cuelbra f

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 6. Air Flamenco Not Posting Flights Nick & Michelle    08-11-17 08:15
If anyone from Air Flamenco reads this forum please check your web site. For flights from San Juan Int'l to Culebra round trip, I tried putting in dates for Sept., Oct. Nov., Dec., Jan.

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 7. Re: FIRST TIME Specialk    03-28-17 15:17
The easiest way would be to pre-purchase on Alternatively, just show up in Fajardo very early in the morning and you'll m

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 8. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 9. Ferry LoriAnne    11-30-14 13:45
Will the ferry be running December 27, 2014? I need to return to San Juan on the 27 for return flight, early the 28th. I hope to book return travel from Culebra via ferry, then car rent

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 10. Re: Book Flight all the way to Culebra Tim S    02-09-14 20:23
This does sound good. Keeping the luggage weight down for the flight from San Juan to Culebra is always the clincher.

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 11. Book Flight all the way to Culebra Michael    02-09-14 11:31
From the 15th of February you can now book a flight all the way to Culebra. Check in your luggage in Boston or NY and arrive in Culebra, pick up your suitcase right at the airport in Culebra - no more

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 12. Re: Taxi from San Juan to Fajardo ferry Vicki moore    12-26-13 22:41
We fly over to Culebra from Isla Grande and then ride the ferry back and have John's publico meet us at the ferry dock and take us to SJU for our return flight. It makes it much cheaper for us since

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 13. Re: ferry Erin Gammill    10-31-13 15:13
I wouldn't say the flight is a sure thing. Though I'm going back in Jan. and am flying to Culebra from Vieques and flying to Vieques from Ceiba. Four years ago in April, I was flying from San

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 14. Air Flamenco Jill Stackhouse    09-29-13 07:28
Air flamenco leaves Culebra at 8 am and flys directly to San Juan Int now. Does anyone have any experience... can we make a 10:24 flight? I think you still have to go through security check after wai

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 15. Enough time for connection flight? jeremy newman    09-17-13 08:29
My wife and I just booked our flight from Chicago to San Juan (Wednesday, January 8, 2014), which arrives in San Juan (international) at 4:09 p.m.. It looks like the latest flight to Culebra leaves a

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 16. Re: Flamenco Air SJI To Culebra Nick & Michelle    08-18-13 11:01
Exciting news!!!!!!!!!! We just received this return email from Air Flamenco: "Dear Friend, We saw your post at and investigated why no one couldn't book a flight at our pa

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 17. Flamenco Air SJI To Culebra Nick & Michelle    08-09-13 14:36
Hi, Air Flamenco's web site does not show any flights to/from Culebra from San Juan Int'l. Did they decide to stop that service and only use Isla Grande? We will be going in 2014. Thanks

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 18. First visit Maranata    07-04-13 14:47
Flying back home from our family vacation and decided it would be fun to make a quick stop in San Juan. We will only be on the island for 3 days/nites in Aug. Our flight arrives really early (8am) I w

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 19. Re: Fast Ferry Running? JeffandMary    06-26-13 23:03
No, I don't think it is running. Yes, the ferry will be packed on Sunday. Your best bet by far is to fly. It is well worth it from San Juan. The flight is smooth and very enjoyable and above all very

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 20. My experience with the Ferry to Culebra AJ Thornton    06-15-13 22:18
Here is my experience with taking the ferry from Fajardo. As someone mentioned arrive early. I arrived to the port on Saturday morning at 7am. When I arrived there were maybe a few hundred people in l

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 21. Air Flamenco "Reservations" chuck    05-15-13 00:43
Hi, folks- My daughter (21) and I are returning to Culebra on June 25 or so & camping at Flamenco after a few years' absence. We're planning on flying in directly from our arrival at San

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 22. Re: What Terminal Is Air Flamenco In? Nick & Michelle    05-05-13 11:07
Thanks everyone for your responses, especially recommending that we give ourselves a good time buffer since it is such a long walk from the end of terminal "A" to "B". It was especially interesting he

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 23. Re: Las doubts about my trip! Drew    03-23-13 08:49
Hi Jose, If you need to buy a lot of supplies, like tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, etc., you should do that in Fajardo then take the ferry to Culebra with your supplies.

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 24. Re: Culebra Airlines Compared JeffandMary    09-17-12 14:38
We flew VAL. I was a bit nervous about the small plane. Heck, I'm nervous about the big plane. I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The flight from San Juan to Culebra was like floating o

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 25. Re: Airports JeffandMary    07-06-12 11:10
I was also a bit nervous about my first flight from Isla Grande to Culebra in the small plane. Believe me when I say it was a very pleasant flight. Better than in the big jets, really. I will happily

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 26. Re: Ferry tickets to Fajardo JeffandMary    07-02-12 10:53
Oh and by the way we flew on VAL from San Juan to Culebra and the flight was absolutely fantastic.

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 27. culebra to st. croix jessica ferrar    06-28-12 01:24
Does anyone know best way to travel from Culebra to st. croix that is not too costly? It seems to make more sense to go to vieques and then st. croix rather than travel to fajardo and then get to san

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 28. Re: One way rental to Ceiba Marcos Ferreira    06-06-12 20:55
Hey Torben, Thrifty Rents one way, and also Enterprise...and Avis. So, you can rent a one way to Fajardo/Ceiba and drop it off (The car rental places will take you to the airport in Ceiba

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 29. Re: Anyone want to split taxi to Fajardo- airline lands SJU 7 PM, Sat May 26. Geronimo    05-15-12 10:52
You can stay at the Best Western in the San Juan airport. It's ~$120/night. You walk to it. you can hang out in san juan that evening. Take the early flight from Isla Grande to Culebra the next mo

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 30. Re: Anyone want to split taxi to Fajardo- airline lands SJU 7 PM, Sat May 26. John W.    05-14-12 18:49
Two days on Culebra can be quite relaxing if you fly. My suggestion: spend Saturday night near old San Juan and enjoy good food and drink. Then if possible catch the first flight to Culebra on Sun

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