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My experience with the Ferry to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: AJ Thornton (
Date:   06-15-13 22:18

Here is my experience with taking the ferry from Fajardo. As someone mentioned arrive early. I arrived to the port on Saturday morning at 7am. When I arrived there were maybe a few hundred people in line ready to board. The ferry was to leave at 9. There was absolutely no way we were going to get on the ship but I had to verify so I went to the ticket counter. THe ferry in fact sold out and the next ferry was leaving AT 3PM! WTF! Me and my party left and was about to return to the San Juan when a taxi driver said that we could take a flight from Ceiba airport and offered to drive us to the airport for $15. From there we took a last minute chartered flight for $49. Round trip $98. Not bad considering we got to the island in 10 minutes and a quick taxi to the beach. Do not ever consider taking the ferry under no circumstances. The ferry caters to the locals, it is a long ride and no one is in charge. And let me also add that Flamenco beach is gorgeous. Until the locals arrive and the beach becomes extremely crowded. I would only return to the island during the week (not weekend) or during the winter months.

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Re: My experience with the Ferry to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brandon Storer (
Date:   06-16-13 21:12

there Are Also Many Other Beaches On The Island That No One Goes To That Are Just As Nice As FLamenco. We Usually Have The Other Beaches To Ourselves.

Brandon S

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Re: My experience with the Ferry to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JeffandMary (
Date:   06-16-13 23:24

AJ, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the ferry. Our experience was completely different and very pleasant. We took the ferry from Culebra during the week. We had done some reading in advance and knew that Culebra is a weekend getaway for the locals. We knew we would not be able to get tickets on the weekend and that Flamenco beach would be crowded then. However, as Brandon points out, there are other beaches to go to. Zoni beach is our favorite on the weekends or any time. You are correct about flying, it is the best way to go. However, if you go during the week, the ferry is available and is a very pleasant ride but it does take about an hour or so. It only costs $4.50 round trip per person so relax and enjoy the ride. However, if you are leaving from San Juan then definitely fly no matter what, its worth the cost. It only takes a half hour vs taxi and ferry which is forever. Try the ferry during the week if you get the chance, its like a mini cruse.

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