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First visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Maranata (
Date:   07-04-13 14:47

Flying back home from our family vacation and decided it would be fun to make a quick stop in San Juan. We will only be on the island for 3 days/nites in Aug. Our flight arrives really early (8am) I wanted to visit culebra for at least a day or 2. I arrive on a weekday (wed), so I'm hoping the ferry ride isn't so bad. Any suggestions/ideas for a family of 4 (2 adults/2 children)? Where to stay? (w/out having to rent a car.)

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Re: First visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JeffandMary (
Date:   07-06-13 23:39

First of all you have no time to waste, fly from San Juan to Culebra. Otherwise you will waste a whole day getting there. Next, without a car you will have to stay in town or camp at Flamenco beach. If you are going for the beach then camp at Flamenco. If you stay in town you will have better access to restaurants and gift shops but you will have to take the bus to the beach. Most places want a minimum two day stay. We stay at Tamarindo Estates but for that you will need a car. I honestly can't give you any info on any other places, perhaps someone else can. If your kids are up for it I would camp on the beach, it will be a blast!

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Re: First visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tim S (
Date:   07-08-13 13:39

I agree with JeffandMary. Given your short stay in PR, it's best to get yourself there fast using a reliable mode of transport. Definitely fly.

Sounds like you should stay in town. The Palmetto Guest House is a good choice. You could also check availability of the Mariber House.

Both have more info at these links.

Renting a golf cart is also an option. Try contacting Carlos Jeep Rental.

Here's a good site for stuff to do on the main island when you have little time.

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