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 1. Scooter rental Katie33    04-11-16 13:54
Hi, we will be on Culebra from June 27-July 1-- we would really like to explore, not sure what the best transportation options are. We are leaning towards sharing a scooter (only 2 of us

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 2. Re: Scootering~! Nancy Mumford    04-14-13 22:07
Summer, I have visited Culebra twice and rented a scooter both times. I found it a great way to get around the island, you just have to take it easy and watch for pot holes. Culebra req

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 3. Scootering~! Summer Hall    03-27-13 15:49
Hi! I am coming in the week of April 8th and hope to stay at least 3 days on the island. I've done some research about scooter rental in general for PR and wonder what the regs are for Culebra. I o

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 4. Cheapest way from San Juan airport? Svenja    08-25-12 09:38
Last time we went to Vieques, we rented a car and parked it in Fajardo, took ferry, and rented another car on Vieques. Is this still the cheapest thing to do? We are going for 5 days this

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 5. Thoughts and tips Vikas    05-13-12 13:03
Hey everyone, We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming week long trip to PR - arriving on 5th June and departing on 12th. This is our plan so far 5th and 6th night - San

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 6. Scooter rental? Nancy Mumford    01-04-12 23:32
I was in Culebra a year ago and really enjoyed getting around the island on a rental scooter for a week. I'm returning at the end of January and can't seem to get through to JM rentals - are they sti

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 7. Re: camping DRB    12-20-11 17:28
Hi Danielle, I will also be in Culebra this March. This will be my sixth time visiting this amazing place. In the past, I've camped, stayed in a guest house and even once rented a home. To answer you

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 8. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Jon West    10-04-11 13:05
Amanda, Congrats on your 1st Culebra trip. You're going to have tons of fun. 1. Vehicle Rental: If you search the forum, you're going to find different people esp

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 9. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Amanda Gore    10-04-11 09:12
Hey there. This is a bit last minute, but it's my first time to Culebra too. My boyfriend and I are flying into San Juan on October 7th and then heading to Culebra on October 9th for 5 nights. I ha

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 10. Re: Renting Scooters in Culebra palmettoculebra    05-17-11 15:29
Good afternoon, Carlos took over Culebra Scooters, however I'm not sure he's renting them at the moment. The Thing & the golf cart can go anywhere that a scooter can. I would guess

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 11. Re: Scooter Rental in Culebra Doug    03-04-11 16:23
A couple years ago I heard they were $35/day. Jerry's Jeeps are $50, and the other places about $65. Enjoy your trip!

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 12. Scooter Rental in Culebra Srini Viswanathan    03-03-11 16:10
Hello, We are planning to Culebra next month. Could someone help us with the rates for renting scooters? also i think there is culebra jeep rentals, which is little expensive i think..

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 13. Scooter rental Kara    02-20-10 18:47
We are considering renting a scooter during our day trip to Culebra. Is this a good (safe) way to get around? What are the roads like?

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 14. Scooter Rental Drew Funk    01-19-10 23:33
I have been traveling to Culebra for Spring Break for over ten consecutive years with family and friends. Needless to say, I love it! My girlfriend and I, as well as two other couples, are coming ba

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 15. Re: Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Jeannie G3    07-31-09 00:32
Hola! Your future wife sounds like my husband and teenager. While I am content to do nothing but be at the beach, they get bored of that after the first day. Search this FORUM as many of your qu

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 16. scooter and motorcycle rentals BrianO    03-31-09 18:05
will be in Culebra this Friday-Mon (4/3-4/6) I know this is a bzy time of year, so might it be difficult to get a scooter or motorcycle for the three days? I like two wheels and hopefully two seats fo

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 17. Re: Scooters! hillman    02-05-09 15:48
For scooter rental go here for info: They are have a counter/facilities right at the airport, terrific people to deal with.

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 18. Re: Scooters + Ferry Information! palmettoculebra    10-06-08 15:22
Good afternoon Gerald, If you are still seeking accomodation you might want to have a look at our website at . The scooter rental spot is just

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 19. Re: a week in November Jeannie G3    09-05-08 17:07
Hola! That's a great week, just before the holidays kick in and start. It will be all about logistics and how well you plan it out but, one week is doable. Although, you might want to put your energy

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 20. Getting Around on Culebra Midnitestar    06-28-08 22:13
Hi, What kind of transportation is available from the Culebra ferry dock to Flamenco beach? Should we just go directly to the scooter rental place and then go to the beach? Is there par

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 21. Visit to Paradise J Grant    03-25-08 19:18
Hi, We are returning to Culebra for another wonderful visit and bringing our family this time. Just cant wait to get lost in the wonderful beaches and people�We are looking at get

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 22. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals kobes    03-03-08 22:48
Maybe you don't need a Jeep? Rent a bike. Take the publico. Hitch a ride. Walk. Run. Hike. Through my experience the only way I'd rent a Jeep/scooter/car was if I had several babies or was handicapped

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 23. Re: Car and scooter rental prices katherine    01-29-08 19:08
Stephen The scooter in culebra are about $40.00 per day , for a car about $45.00 and up depend on the vehicle. For Scooter go to the airport culebra scooter for car rental Carlos Jeep Ren

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 24. Day Trip to Culebra Ryan    01-09-08 13:04
Wondering if anyone could answer some of my questions being that I have never been to the island or Puerto Rico. My girlfriend and I will be coming to Puerto Rico in early Febuary. We plan on taking a

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 25. Bicycle Rentals StefanWild    08-09-07 11:14
We are planning on arriving on Culebra ~20. December and after seeing the costs of the scooters, are thinking of renting bikes for the week. It sounds like we should make a reservation for this? Can w

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 26. Re: Culebra Scooter Rentals Luis Jimenez    06-19-07 14:47
you do need a driver's license..and along with being super helpful, the scooter girl is quite a looker..enjoy

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 27. Re: Culebra Scooter Rentals Barbara    06-18-07 11:00
Do you need a driver's license to rent a scooter?

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 28. Re: Culebra Scooter Rentals LauraB    06-06-07 17:03
Evelyn Bermudez? I wonder if we are some how related. I too am a Bermudez!

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 29. Im visit Culebra one week nina    03-31-07 15:24
Hello Culebra is wonderfull,arrive to Culebra airport(s.j-Cul)and i rented scooter in the same airport from Culebra Scooter Rental she is really nice and tellme about everything

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 30. 1st trip to Culebra - Report paul shinn    03-30-07 21:20
this site has been a great help. Went Wednesday March 28th - Thursday MArch 29th 2007 My wife and I rented Scooters from JM Rentals/Thrifty Car rental across from the air

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