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The current weather in Culebra

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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Summer Hall (
Date:   03-27-13 15:49

Hi! I am coming in the week of April 8th and hope to stay at least 3 days on the island. I've done some research about scooter rental in general for PR and wonder what the regs are for Culebra. I own a 150 cc and have my motorcycle endorsement and understand that some of the roads might not be perfect, but I think it might be a better choice for me than a jeep.

My question is: What are the attire rules for Culebra island? Here in the US I ride with protection, but do they require you to wear the whole boots/gloves/jacket/reflective vest on the island? I would never ride in flops but want to know if I ought to bring my helmet with me :)

Also, random... how is the rain during an avg. week in April? The whole scooter idea might not be a good one if roads are wet. I've read that showers might be regular but don't last that long?

Grazie :) Hope to be on the beach camping very soon!!!


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Re: Scootering~!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Nancy Mumford (
Date:   04-14-13 22:07


I have visited Culebra twice and rented a scooter both times. I found it a great way to get around the island, you just have to take it easy and watch for pot holes. Culebra requires a helmet (provided with the rental) long pants and closed toe shoes when you ride. A reflective vest is provided with the scooter but I didn't use it. I don't think it is required. I brought lightweight elastic waist pants that I could slip on and off, and for shoes I took very sturdy closed top Keen hiking sandals.

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Re: Scootering~!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: William Pape (
Date:   04-20-13 11:14

I too love to use a scooter and have rented many times. But be warned that when you go on the dirt roads, its all too easy to slip on the dirt, regardless of whether its dry or wet, and fall. And I talk from experience :-)

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