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Day Trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ryan (12.167.130.---)
Date:   01-09-08 13:04

Wondering if anyone could answer some of my questions being that I have never been to the island or Puerto Rico. My girlfriend and I will be coming to Puerto Rico in early Febuary. We plan on taking a day trip to Culebra.
1. I see there are many scooter rental places that seem pretty inexpensive. Do you reccomend renting scooters? We really want to be able to explore the entire island not just get dropped off a one beach.
2. If we take the 9am ferry over will that allow us enough time to explore the island?
3. What beach do you reccomend the most?
4. Good spots for lunch?
5. how long is the ferry ride?

thank you very much

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Re: Day Trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (
Date:   01-09-08 13:38

Good afternoon Ryan,
1. Many people use scooters to get around the island & it works out well.
2. Lots of day trippers come over on the 9am ferry & leave again on the 5pm. It is a good idea to purchase your return tix if possible. Also, try to be at the ticket window an hour before the ferry leaves to get in line for tix.
3. Most people here for the day head to Flamenco Beach. However, if you are renting a scooter (or a jeep) you could explore Zoni (also white sand) or Melones (more pebbly, but good for snorkeling) for example.
4. If at Flamenco there are kiosks selling kababs, which is a good deal. Otherwise there are a few choices in & around town to include Barbara Rosa's, Dingy Dock, or Mamcitas, or the Spot.
5. The ferry ride is aprox. 1.5 hrs. (passenger ferry)

Have a nice trip. I think you'll want to return for longer than a day!

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