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 1. Re: Bound and Determined (for Culebra) Doug    01-27-14 16:31
There are camping gear rentals in the Flamenco kiosk area at Tent City. The phone number is 787 226 0232 or Culebra Bike Shop at 787-742-0589. I'd call ahead and reserve.

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 2. Re: Another batch of first-timer questions... Tim S    10-02-13 12:01
Ornoth, I haven't been to Manzanilla but it does look good from satellite images. My concern would be access, as you may have to cross private property to get there. We did

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 3. Re: Several Questions on kayak Tim S    07-01-13 11:27
Talk with Ken at the Culebra Bike Shop.... He can fix you up with a tandem kayak. Be sure to mention that you are first timers and are looking for a place to kayak s

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 4. Re: Best beach in Culebra Tim Stecko    02-27-13 12:59
Tina, For swimming, I think you mean minimal surf, you need to be on the leeward side of the island. The best beaches for this, given the time of year, would likely be Tamarindo (lots of

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 5. Mt Bike Jim P    10-11-12 08:00
Are there any Mountain bike rides/tours on Culebra like the ones offered on Vieques. Know the island is a lot smaller but know there are some hidden treasures off the beaten path that would be fun to

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 6. Personal Trainers--Coaches Jim P    03-12-12 09:11
The island seems like a wonderful place to both escape and use for some training. Wondering if their are any personal trainers or coaches available on the island. I know there is a small bike shop o

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 7. Re: Culebra Kayaks Gone? Debbie    03-04-12 20:49
Ken is stretched pretty thin these days, as he is also the manager at the new bakery at the ferry dock and he works some horrible hours - like 4am to 2pm or something like that. Tenor, his son, is ma

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 8. Re: Culebra Kayaks Gone? Debbie    03-04-12 11:15
Try Ken at the Bike Shop - And, remember, Culebra is very much on island time - your expect

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 9. Re: Kayaks Kirk    11-18-11 08:10
Kayaks are a bit problematic in Culebra. Last year the bike shop above the dinghy dock was really the only place to get them. Keep calling, though you can just walk in when you get there. He only has

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 10. Kayaks Bill Saxton    11-11-11 12:05
We're wondering about having Kayaks to use during our 9 day visit to Culebra. Someone reported $50/day in the forum, which is surprisingly close to the rate for a car...... Tried unsuccessfully to r

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 11. Re: Culebrita Tim Stecko    03-31-11 16:57
We were on Culebra in February. We did take kayaks from Zoni to Culebrita. You should definitely watch the winds, boating and seas. We canceled the kayak trip one day because of rough forecasts. W

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 12. Culebra Bike-Kayak Tours Alan Majka    02-25-11 08:20
If you want to spend your limited vacation time waiting around for someone who doesn't show up for multiple appointments, Ken of Culebra Bike and Kayak Tours is your guy. He's right next to the Dingy

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 13. Re: Kayaking at Dakity Geronimo    02-10-11 15:16
Dave, the number you posted is some retired womans residence on Culebra. She said everyone keeps calling her and she's flipping out. The bike & kayak shop's number is 787-742-0589.

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 14. Re: Kayaking at Dakity DAVID BREWBAKER    02-10-11 13:24
THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN IS IF THE JEEP WAS JERRY'S AND HE CAUGHT YOU @ PUNTA SOLDADO. Probably executation @ sunrise. Call Ken @ the Culebra Bike Shop for a kayak.787 209 2543 In the Dinghy Doc

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 15. Re: Kayak rentals Debbie    01-21-11 08:17
Try Ken at Culebra Bikes -

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 16. Re: Trip to Culebra in June Linda H    11-04-10 08:52
The island is small enough that you are never that far from town or most beaches if you have a car. We have stayed in vacation homes about a mile or so from town (different neighborhoods each time) b

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 17. Re: Coming to Culebra Next Friday John W.    03-19-10 18:38
Cody, Personally, i would do 6:30 to 5:30 and get in a full day. Then you get back to your hotel and can rest. Snorkeling at Flamenco is often up in the air especially if wind is coming

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 18. Re: Things to do Linda H    03-15-10 16:21
My husband, daughter and I spent a week on Culebra last year, and are coming back in just over a week (can't wait). I don't enjoy swimming or snorkeling, but had a blast watching my husband and daugh

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 19. Re: bike rentals? Debbie    02-11-10 22:23

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 20. Re: Bicycle rental cost? Debbie    11-08-09 10:27

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 21. bike rental fajardo Erin Cohen    07-18-09 16:13
Hi all, When we return to Fajardo from Culebra, we will be heading south to Humacao. It looks bike - able on Google earth but I can't find any 411 about bike shops to rent from in Fajard

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 22. Re: Planning for my trip in late August Chelsey    06-24-09 15:02
I think it was like an hour ride from airport to Fajardo. Then the ferry is about an hour and a half. Contact Ken the owner of the bike shop he might pick you up at the fer

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 23. Re: First timer Debbie    05-27-09 21:41

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 24. Re: Where to stay? Michael Spier    04-14-09 20:31
I've stayed at Villa Flamenco Beach many times and have always had a great experience. I would recommend Apts 3, 4, & 6. Three and four have balconies facing the beach and 6 has a nice layout and good

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 25. Re: Shopping Linda H    04-13-09 15:02
We were in Culebra the week before Easter week, and I would like to let everyone know we DID NOT encounter any of these types of practices. Yes, prices were a little steep on the island compared to F

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 26. Re: Walmart type store in Fajardo? zoraida Banks    12-19-06 09:15
We do the trip from San Juan to Fajardo because we live in San Juan, we can do the run in Fajardo meanwhile we take you there but if you come from Culebra back to Fajardo there are plenty vans that ta

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 27. Re: Bicycles Alan Taylor    12-04-06 17:32
You can rent from Culebra Bike Shop, they are just at the edge of town, next to Dinghy Dock restaurant. If the owner isn't onsite she will leave a phone number you can call (cell phones are best, as

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 28. Re: Best Snorkeling in Culebra Doug    02-28-05 17:23
Tatiana, Mosquito Bay is a small inlet on the north side of Ensenada Honda, near the mouth of the harbor. I have snorkled it, and, because it is a turtle grass bottom, rather than a reef,

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 29. Re: Transportation in Culebra to Campground and Culebrita monte    02-14-05 20:13
The campground is near Flamenco Beach. It is a long way from the Ferry Terminal. I would suggest you rent a jeep with all those people who can share the cost. The Jeep rental people geneer

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 30. My review of Culebra Beach Villas julie    01-03-05 11:46
Re: Culebra Beach Villas - web site? Author: julie (209.190.129.---) Date: 01-03-05 11:45 Just got back from staying at Culebra Beach Villas. It was a very nice, quiet pla

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