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 1. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 2. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 3. Re: February 2018 Geronimo    11-30-17 12:02
So we went down for 10 days. Flew out of SJU on VAL/Seaborne. The terminal is on the upper deck to the left of the American terminal. Arrive at least an hour before you scheduled flight and just wa

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 4. Re: What to do in Culebra John W.    07-14-14 10:50
This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!) Top things to do: a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni be

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 5. Just came back from trip to Culebra Y M    09-05-13 10:34

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 6. Re: Garbage Geronimo    01-24-13 10:20
I saw a lot of plastic floating in the water at Flamenco and would pick it up and put it in the trash cans there. I didn't see that at Zoni. Glass on the beach is rare at those two beaches. Louis P

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 7. Re: staying in town vs the beaches JeffandMary    08-09-12 11:33
We stayed at Tamarindo Estates. Clean, quiet, very private, yet conveniently located between Flemenco beach and town. We loved it. And a jeep from Jerry's will be needed if you want to get to the more

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 8. Re: staying in town vs the beaches Doug    08-08-12 16:29
The villa rentals out at Zoni and Punta Viento tend to be the places with the views and the higher rates. There are only a few "beachfront" lodgings on Culebra, and this is a big part of why its beac

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 9. Re: First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners JeffandMary    07-30-12 12:06
Wow! I wish I had seen this sooner. I'm actually printing it. We just got back from our first week-long trip about a month ago. Sounds like it's more crowded in April. We saw Villa Flemenco while we w

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 10. Re: A week in Culebra, what to do? John W.    05-05-12 16:05
Laura, A copy of years ago I recommended a number of must sees - here you go: First recognize there are no absolutes on Culebra :) - one must often go with the flow.

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 11. Good Time in Culebra!! jcapestany    05-02-12 08:43
I wanted to express my Great Experience in Culebra this past Thursday til Sunday in Culebra. We got on the Ferry in Fajardo to notice quite a change in the ticket booth changed on the side of the road

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 12. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 13. Re: Culebrita Tim Stecko    03-31-11 16:57
We were on Culebra in February. We did take kayaks from Zoni to Culebrita. You should definitely watch the winds, boating and seas. We canceled the kayak trip one day because of rough forecasts. W

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 14. Re: bike riding conditions? rentals? favorite sandy beach? Linda H    03-20-11 22:57
We didn't really have any problems with traffic. It's not exactly congested, and the roads are in too poor a shape for anyone to go too fast, although we did encounter one guy on the road to Zoni who

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 15. Zoni Estate Rental Alan Majka    02-25-11 09:43
Our party of 6 rented a very private house on 25 acres with spectacular views across the infinity pool and pristine Zoni Beach off to Cayo Norte, Culubrita, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. The esta

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 16. Re: Trip to Culebra in June Linda H    11-04-10 08:52
The island is small enough that you are never that far from town or most beaches if you have a car. We have stayed in vacation homes about a mile or so from town (different neighborhoods each time) b

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 17. Re: anybody here? Bethany    10-12-10 08:40
Hello, we will be going to Cuelbra later this month and are renting a house on the "quiet" side of the island...although I assume it's pretty quiet everywhere, but we will be closer to Zoni Beach, abo

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 18. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 19. Zoni today, gone tomorrow Geronimo    03-17-10 14:09
This past week the owners of the 10 acre property on Zoni Beach have said that they have just legally segregated the property into six lots. This property is next to the Penock 25 acre ( half in the

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 20. Re: Costa Bonita Alberto    02-25-10 21:48
I live in Puerto Rico and I visit Culebra about once a month. Like many others on this site, I can say that I fell in love with the island a long time ago. I love Culebra for many reasons...but most

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 21. Re: turtle nesting??? palmettoculebra    02-18-10 14:38
Good afternoon, The turtles have dug some nests as there are clearly marked off spots on a couple of beaches (Flamenco/Zoni last I noticed). However, you have to be very lucky & in the right pla

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 22. Re: Honeymoon Stephen Sproull    12-01-09 12:58
Chris, My new bride and I just got back from 10 days in PR (7 of which were on Culebra). It was an incredible little place to spend our honeymoon. We stayed at Bahia Marina the whole ti

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 23. Re: Town or Away from Town? Jeannie G3    09-10-09 10:39
Hola! It really depends on how much you want to pay and what are your lodging tastes. There is lodging of all kinds: big small, simple bare bones and spacious with kitchens and other amenities. There

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 24. Re: Town or Away from Town? Geronimo    09-10-09 07:54
The island is not that big and since you are planning on having a vehicle you can get anywhere pretty quick. It's about a 5 mile drive from Zoni to town and the road is now paved so that's no big dea

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 25. Re: lodging Matt TOSIELLO    09-02-09 20:38
Melones Beach House is great. We've stayed there 3 years in a row during Holy Week. We always get a car because we love Zoni so much. The Melones Beach has very nice snorkeling but you can't really

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 26. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Jeannie G3    08-27-09 14:18
Hola! I would suggest looking through the SHELTER part of this website. It will give you good descriptions and pictures of some of the lodgings in Culebra as well as their websites. I don't know what

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 27. Re: Nude Baches in Culebra? DC    07-27-09 22:35
I have a house on Culebra and love to go naked on the island. To answer the question of legality. It is illegal to go nude on the island. Now take that into consideration that there are about 21 squar

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 28. Re: Few more questions regarding our Trip in June EricM    06-03-09 13:23
Here is what our plan was Saturday: Take cab from SJU to Fajardo, get some groceries/alcohol and dinner, take the ferry out. The house owner will pick us up, and drive us to the house.

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 29. Few more questions regarding our Trip in June EricM    06-01-09 13:36
Hey everyone, We have everything booked for our trip in June, I just had some final questions to make sure we enjoy our stay as much as possible Few minor details: We are st

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 30. Trip report Linda H    04-15-09 22:12
My husband, 14-year-old daughter and I recently returned from 6 days on Culebra, our first visit. We loved it! The beaches were awesome, weather was great, and we loved the lack of crowds and “tou

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