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 1. Car rental Thewild59    03-14-10 19:12
Who does everyone recommend for car rental for 8 days? I have heard of Jerry's, where else can you rent? Car is just for one couple. We are staying at Tamarindo Beach Cottages, and as I understand the

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 2. Re: Vacation rental scot marechaux    01-12-10 08:52
Tamarindo Estates has all you ask but the king bed. sunsets in front of you each night. great snorkling, kitchen to prepare dinner and a pool at the beach. Presidents week is a bu

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 3. Re: Tamarindo Resort Michael    01-11-10 05:10
Gregory, going to the shelter pages, in the $$$ section you will find a link that will connect you with all the reviews Tamarindo Beach Cottages has had on this forum!

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 4. Wonderful Place To Stay Josh S    06-12-09 10:57
Culebra is one of the most magical and beautiful places to visit. After travelling the world, and seeing beaches everywhere, very few places have the charm of the small island. The community is just a

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 5. Tamarindo Estates- Great Place! Matthew Astbury    02-13-09 22:13
My fiance and I just returned to Milwaukee from Culebra. While on the island, we stayed at Tamarindo Estates (beach cottages). Tamarindo is a great place if you're looking for privacy, a great room

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 6. Tamarindo Estates and Culebra the right spot to stay scot marechaux    02-01-09 13:20
Hi Sun Lovers We are now back in upstate NY and the snow and cold. Just back from a week on Culebra. First time back in 9 years and glad to say Culebra is the same warm Loving pla

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 7. Re: Shelter - Tamarindo Estates lolav    01-11-09 18:32
Hi it's true, Tamarindo Beach Cottages are very pretty and clean :)

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 8. Re: calmest beach Arroz    09-24-08 18:42
There are two Tamarindos, Grande and Pequeno. You don't have to walk to the one I'm thinking of, you can drive right up to the beach below the Tamarindo Beach Cottages. The beach is beautiful and the

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 9. Re: Accomodation on beach Doug    05-30-08 15:02
In its wisdom, Culebra has only had a minimal amount of actual "on the beach" lodging built. The two beaches with lodging are Tamarindo and Flamenco. Tamarindo Beach Cottages on the former and Culeb

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 10. Re: question about Tamarindo Beach Cottages JJspin    12-07-07 21:56
I would not recommend it unless you are familiar with the area or have friends that are AND will be renting a jeep. Transportation to and from Tamarindo is difiicult. The staff are not av

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 11. Re: Celebrating first year together!!! Doug    07-21-07 11:32
Ensenada Honda is the large, sheltered harbor of Culebra, rather than a beach. Not much sand and its not recommended that you swim there, at least on the Dewey (town) end. There are lodgings on Flam

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 12. Re: question about Tamarindo Beach Cottages Dante    11-03-06 14:39
Hi, You will not be disappointed. Clean, quiet, secluded and use of the club house, pool and beach area. You will need to rent a car if you stay there. Everyone was nice and helpful.

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 13. Re: question about Tamarindo Beach Cottages Olga    11-01-06 07:50
Hello Kim, I would appreciate your report. Where are you planning to stay? Have a great trip!!! Olga

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 14. Re: question about Tamarindo Beach Cottages Kim Behan    11-01-06 02:13
Hello! We are leaving for PR in 6 days, will be spending some of our time here. Let me know if you would like a report on the place!

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 15. question about Tamarindo Beach Cottages Olga    11-01-06 00:27
Hello, Me and my husband are planning to stay in Tamarindo Beach Cottages during Thanksgiving holiday. I would appreciate ANY opinions about this hotel and are there any better alternativ

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 16. Re: Costa bonita (good or Bad) Kelly    06-08-06 10:22
If you want to stay somewhere amazing for a good price and right on the beach, seriously consider Villa Flamenco Beach. My parents, roommate and I stayed there April 25 - May 2 and it was

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 17. Costa bonita (good or Bad) Cody Johnson    06-07-06 11:50
I trying to get some information on a place to stay for our honeymoon. I have been looking at Costa Bonita Bahia Maria Tamarindo Beach Cottages Culebra Beach villas

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 18. Re: Just Got Back Mary Stevens    05-31-06 11:13
We have stayed four times at the Tamarindo Beach Cottages, and rather than go all the way to Carlos Rosario, we now snorkel in their small private reef, which is incredibly beautiful and quite conveni

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 19. Re: Club Seabourne vs Bahia Marina & Tamarindo Estates Nurse    05-18-06 19:07
Heather ~ Thanks for that post. We are staying at Tamarindo Beach Cottages next week, and we were wondering how people enjoyed it. It sounds heavenly!

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 20. Opinion needed appy    04-04-06 18:32
Hi, Me and my fiancée are planning to be in Culebra for our honeymoon. And right now we have two options for places to stay: a.) Buceo : Which is a studio apt with a view I think

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 21. Re: Places to Stay Jean K. Rosselit    01-23-06 10:33
I guess Tamarindo depends on what you are looking for. It is a long walk to the beach, and beach is rock and coral so maybe not to great for kids. Cottages are nice, with a great view as they are up

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 22. Re: Places to Stay Barbara Martin    01-21-06 13:08
I love Tamarindo Estates. Yes, the beach cottages are a little pricier than other places, but you have the benefit of a pool, excellent snorkeling right off their beach, beautiful views, a video libr

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 23. Re: Where to stay on Culebra Barbara Martin    01-10-06 18:13
Another place with a great view is Tamarindo Beach Cottages.

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 24. Re: Tamarindo Estates Restaurant Jeff Donatello    11-09-05 15:07
Just stayed at Tamarindo Beach Cottages 6 months ago. The review above is spot on. Good food but on the more expensive side of things "culebra wise". Awesome sunset. Still liked Mamacitas energy and v

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 25. Trip report Sujana    01-14-05 18:48
Hi, we recently got back from our trip. We were only on Culebra three days, wish we could have stayed longer. We rented a vehicle from Jerry's Jeeps, and I have to say that, besides having a good re

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 26. Re: best family places Karen W    01-13-05 06:17
Hi Wendy Culebra is great for kids. Have you looked into staying at Tamarindo Estates? The cottages (which are really like small apartments) have full kitchens and the grounds are quite kid frie

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 27. Getting Married on Culebra Erin    12-31-04 10:57
My fiance and I are finding out that planning a wedding in the US is SOOO stressful. We are thinking about escaping from all the traditions and rules that go along with a wedding here and heading for

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 28. Re: Culebra Accommodations Lulu    12-25-04 23:11
Tamarindo is nice but a bit pricey. The facilities are good but the cottages need a bit of an update. I had the rental car package (yes you do need a car to get to and from the property. The ride up t

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 29. Re: Tamarindo Estates Eunie    11-13-04 22:16
Charlotte, My husband and I returned from Culebra about a month ago. What a wonderful experience we had. We stayed at Tamarindo Estates for 2 full weeks. Very peaceful and quiet on t

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 30. Tamarindo Estates lori    04-14-04 14:18
I was thinking of staying at the Tamarindo Estates Beach Cottages, has anyone stayed there? did you like it?

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