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Just Got Back
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Nurse (
Date:   05-30-06 16:53

Hi Everyone,

We just returned from our first visit to Culebra, and all I can say is it was everything we had pictured. This forum was SO helpful in helping us form the mental pictures of the real Culebra before we arrived. We stayed at Tamardino Beach Cottages - Estates, and although it was a little rustic, I really don't think there was a prettier view on the island. It felt like we were in paradise. Our need to get away was to relax and recover from four long years of nursing school for me and a failing business for my husband. This was the perfect place to do that! The people that live there are so gracious and kind. It is VERY quiet ~ which is what we needed. We could not have been happier.

Although, it was incredibly hot there, which we really did not expect. We expected hot, but this was so hot the natives were complaining. Oh well, it made for more fun in the ocean. We hiked out to Carlos Rosario Beach a couple of days ~ and it was so worth the hike in. That reef is so healthy and beautiful!!! We have snorkeled in many places, including Hawaii, and I really don't believe we have snorkeled in any place quite as beautiful. I hope it will continue to be that way.

We also dropped in to Mamacita's a couple of times. What a charming place (and great food, too). We got to see one of the resident Iguana's, too.

We flew from San Juan International via Air Flamenco, and it was the best experience!!! Both on the way to and from Culebra my husband and I were the only passengers on the plane. It felt like we were having our own guided tour. Because the planes do not fly too high, the view is just incredible. The pilot was very skilled and friendly. In fact, everyone was very friendly.

We would really love to go back again some day. Thanks again to everyone who replied to our questions and helped us out. This is a great forum.

Now it is back to the "real world" for me. For those of you going to Culebra soon, have a great time!


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Re: Just Got Back
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: ginayac (
Date:   05-30-06 21:15

HI Nurse,

I am glad you enjoyed your stay I can't wait to go for my first time in July!
You mentioned you hiked to Carlos Rosario beach, how did you get around the island we were thinking of renting a scooter, would we be able to get the beach with our scooter?

Thanks for any info

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Re: Just Got Back
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mary Stevens (205.158.96.---)
Date:   05-31-06 11:13

We have stayed four times at the Tamarindo Beach Cottages, and rather than go all the way to Carlos Rosario, we now snorkel in their small private reef, which is incredibly beautiful and quite convenient for guests staying there.

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