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 31. Re: Visiting in August Linda H    04-18-10 21:25
We recently returned from our second trip, and typically what we'd do is the hardier souls (My husband and our friend who came with us this time) would get up early and go snorkeling at the closest be

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 32. Re: Birthday Dinner on March 4th Frank    02-22-10 17:32
Several suggestions: Susie's (in town past Milka's) Mamacita's (in town) Michel B's (at Costa Bonita with new chef and surprisingly good) For the record, this mar

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 33. Re: Weather & Cash beachbound    02-21-10 10:59
As far as cash, I believe there are a couple places outside Flamenco that only accept cash: Heather's (pizzeria), Susie's, Barbara Rosa's and Juanita Banana's.

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 34. Re: Camping budget Culebra MJ    01-21-10 10:49
Milka isn't closed all day Sunday...they are open until 1. Also, Genesis is open until about 5 and Isla del Sol is open til mid-day as well. Actually, Cheli's - Superette Mayra, the one on the hill -

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 35. Re: Camping budget Vicki moore    01-15-10 23:09
No Milka is on the road to Susie's. Just across the bridge and hang a sharp right. It will be the first building to your right. Aquatic Adventures can take you to Luis Pena to snorkel. Have a wonderfu

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 36. Re: Camping budget Lina    01-13-10 18:12
Hello~ I have already purchased my flight tickets leaving from Isla Grande to Culebra. I have all my camping equipment ready, as transportation. I need help with getting to Luis Pena one

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 37. Re: Camping budget Vicki moore    01-10-10 03:56
We shopped at Milka, which is in town. You can also eat inexpensively at the kiosks at Flamenco. For dinner, we ate at Susie's, Mamacita's and Dewey Dock. Have a wonderful trip. I believe your weight

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 38. Re: Thanksgiving dinner? Two from Worcester VT    11-17-09 22:29
Alas, Susie's website says they open 11/27, which is one of the reasons I posted. (Susies didn't exist the last time we where there, but I've read all about it...)

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 39. Re: Thanksgiving dinner? Debbie    11-17-09 19:45
Susie's is not open on Thanksgiving Day. She is reopening for the season on Friday following TDay.

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 40. Re: Thanksgiving dinner? Vicki moore    11-17-09 19:24
Check out Susie's.

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 41. Re: Casita La Perlita Doug    05-09-09 12:49
I'll give Rob a little help on his recommendations to help avoid confusion. The bakery (panaderia) near the airport is called El Patio, not Milka. Great sandwiches made on a panini press, pastries a

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 42. Re: Help me find this restaurant! Frank    03-08-09 17:18
Ricci's at Tamarino Estates. No longer there (to the best of my knowledge) Which is too bad ... May I recommend making a reservation at Susie's and requesting a table outside

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 43. Tamarindo Estates- Great Place! Matthew Astbury    02-13-09 22:13
My fiance and I just returned to Milwaukee from Culebra. While on the island, we stayed at Tamarindo Estates (beach cottages). Tamarindo is a great place if you're looking for privacy, a great room

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 44. Re: snorkeling/weather Debbie    01-29-09 20:49
Do we need our wetsuits to snorkel?? No What is the warmest thing we need to bring to wear at night? A light sweater in case the winds are blowing hard, but it's usually pretty warm in to

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 45. culebra wedding bells nico stahl    01-24-09 19:13
Hi! I'm planning a wedding in culebra in August 2009 for under 20 people. does anyone have any suggestions on the following: - photographer? - venues other than Club Seaborne or Ba

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 46. Re: Juanita Bananas - stay away! Ann S.    01-22-09 17:22
First of all, you can get food poisoning as quickly as 30 minutes after eating tainted food. Secondly, when you only have 4 days on an island and one day is spent in bed, because you where in the bat

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 47. Re: Buying groceries on Culebra Debbie    11-10-08 08:19
The "little convenience store near Susie's" has expanded greatly, and how carries beer and wine. It also has (has always had) a fresh meat counter in the back. There is a veggie market on Fridays, b

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 48. Buying groceries on Culebra Elaine Margarett    11-10-08 07:52
Hola! This will be our second trip to Culebra (Nov.12-19th) and we're renting a house this time. (YAY!) I know there are three grocery stores on Culebra. Any recommendations

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 49. Re: Culebra Places to Eat Frank    10-21-08 13:50
Always on my list when on Culebra: Susie's (always excellent) El Batey (lunch spot, best cheeseburgers) Barbara Rosa's (byob, great value for great food) Heather's (pizz

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 50. Re: Culebra Places to Eat Vicki moore    10-20-08 23:49
Susie's had the best meal we had, DD raved about the veggie lasagna at Mamacita's.

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 51. Re: 5 days in Culebra 18th-22nd OCtober Tammy    10-10-08 19:23
We just got back from a trip to Culebra and absolutely loved it. A lot of things are closed since it is off-season. Mamacita's is closed until the end of October and so is Susie's. I'm n

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 52. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 53. Re: Ten best beaches in the world beachbound    06-21-08 17:40
Okay, we may be in trouble!! I just found out that Culebra is listed in the online version of Islands Top 10 Islands to live on. Also, I JUST got my mail and Culebra is listed in the "Word of Mout

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 54. Re: Culebrita Blues, M.D.    05-18-08 22:42
Trent, Call Willie for a ride to Culebrita...$40.00 per person. The boat leaves behind Susie's Restaurant between 8 and 9 am. He will drop you off on one side and you then hike 15-20 minute

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 55. Re: Iguanas?! Jeannie G3    04-01-08 20:37
There is a great article about the Iguana iguana or Green iguana in today's edition of "EL NUEVO DIA". This is the same one that lives in Culebra and the rest of mainland PR. The article states that t

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 56. Re: Eat at Susie's! Tricia    04-01-08 13:12
Loved Susie's island mash. What is in it anyway?

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 57. Re: Eat at Susie's! Blues, M.D.    03-31-08 22:00
I ate there too. It was fresh and very tasty. Leave room for dessert!

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 58. Eat at Susie's! Kristi    03-30-08 18:09
Just returned from a wonderful week in Culebra. We ate at Susie's on our last night and enjoyed the BEST food of the trip. I'm sad that we saved it for our last night...I would have liked to go ther

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 59. Re: FERRY UPDATE!!! MJ    03-21-08 16:39
It looks like tomorrow things *may* get back to what we call normal, which means we're not sure what will happen, especially as there is a backlog on people (and cargo) in and out. It's all about the

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 60. just back....highlights Ellyn    03-02-08 15:09
We are jsut back from a week on the Island- our third visit. We rented a house from vacation planners. They were very helpful and friendly- A special thanks to Rachel who was of great as

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