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 1. Need Help / Emergency on Culebra Patrick Murphy    02-11-17 06:19
My name is Patrick Murphy. My sister is missing on Culebra Island. They were moored in Grande Tamarindo Bay. My sister Eileen said she was going to Bahia (little) Tamarindo B

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 2. Re: can I take my 3year old to snorkering? Donna Pickard    01-19-15 12:06
Your inquiry gives little information, age and size have little to do with snorkeling. Can she swim (not a requirement because she can wear a life jacket)? Will she put her face in the water? My

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 3. Re: What to do in Culebra John W.    07-14-14 10:50
This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!) Top things to do: a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni be

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 4. Re: Where can I find Dramamine? beachbound    05-12-14 09:49
We have gotten Dramamine at all 3 of the markets you mentioned, but typically have to ask for it as they tend to keep it at the counter with them since it is sold in small packets of 2 chewables. We

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 5. Re: Renting Flippers for 8 Days Jennifer White    05-09-14 17:34
We rent from Culebra Divers which is on the main street across from the ferry. I think it was $10 a day and they came in a mesh bag to make them easier to carry. Our house rental came with a few pai

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 6. Re: gift shops Connell    03-01-14 13:43
Hi Michael. My name is Rebecca and since we lost KIM in 2012 I have taken over the Gift Shop formerly known as On Island. The store is now called ISLAND BOUTIQUE. I believe you hav

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 7. Re: small boat rental for a week bosie    03-27-13 09:39
Jon, I don't think you will find any boats for rent in Culebra, but you will have no problem finding good snorkeling. Melones, Carlos Rosario and Tamarindo beaches are all accessible from

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 8. Re: jet skiing on Culebra?? Linda H    02-06-13 23:41
I've known a few (very few) people who use a jet ski in a responsible manner, and Lonnie, you may be one of those folks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on jet skis seem to be young males b

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 9. Dive Operators Chris Buck    08-06-12 15:18
Are there any other dive operators besides Culebra Divers on Culebra? I am trying to put together several dives the first week of Sept and I have been told that September is up in the air for Cu

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 10. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures NicoleW    04-27-12 14:10
Ann, to say that my husband and I agreed to a snorkeling tour would be to say that my husband and I were ASKED if we would like a snorkeling tour. We were never asked and we were never given any optio

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 11. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Vicki moore    04-25-12 23:31
We are long time divers and have visited Culebra several times, the last in June 2011 for two weeks. We have gotten to know first Taz and then Ann, after their marriage. I have never met more honest f

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 12. Taz and Aquatic Adventures Zak    04-20-12 07:07
Before you decide to book Aquatic Adventures, whether it be for a dive or snorkeling or whatever, you should read this - they are the kind of people that will promise you one thing and give you anothe

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 13. Re: Rent or Buy Snorkel Gear? Kathy J. Smith    12-29-11 06:02
don't know when you are planning your trip...I prefer my own snorkel and mask - the thought of putting a mouth piece in my mouth that someone else has used...well, ick... ;) At least i

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 14. Visiting Culebra Anthony Bennett    07-28-11 00:29
I will be visiting Culebra in August and had a few questions... My main reason for the visit is Snokeling. I will be accompanied by my mother and two cousins. First I was wondering which company wo

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 15. Culebra in One Day - Diving vs Culebrita daphne    03-28-11 16:17
I'm going to be in Culebra for a day and a half this coming weekend. I really want to do some scuba diving - I've heard Cayo Raton is amazing - but I was also really hoping to make it out to Culebrita

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 16. Re: Dive operations and dive sites Debbie    02-15-11 16:01
Both operators are top notch and rent quality ScubaPro equipment. Both have been operating on Culebra for a number of years. Both carry redundant equipment on board in case of malfunctions. We dive

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 17. Dive operations and dive sites Dirk    02-15-11 08:36
Hello forum, unfortunately it's not very easy to gather information on Culebra's diving locations and operators. It seems only culebradivers run a website. Here @islaculebra.

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 18. Re: Scuba Gear Rental **BC, Reg** Vicki moore    01-16-11 22:51
Hi Darrin, we too are divers. We always bring everything but weights and tanks. We just have to pay the overage for luggage. We have dove on Vieques and Culebra in the past. However, last year on Vieq

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 19. Re: Scuba Gear Rental **BC, Reg** Debbie    01-16-11 09:22
You can rent all equipment at Culebra Divers at the ferry dock. You can also bring your gear along; you will just have to pay extra for any weight over 25 pounds/person.

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 20. Re: Shore Diving tank rentals Debbie    01-14-11 15:10
Mini Mas is next to Susie's restaurant past Milka's grocery store near the defunct Gulf Station. You can also rent tanks from Culebra Divers right at the ferry dock.

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 21. Best time to visit Culebra Deedee    09-18-10 10:45
I've decided where to stay - Village Boheme, just need to know when to go. We live in FL - boaters, divers, love to snorkel, etc. Want to go when the water is warm - and places are open. Looking a

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 22. Re: Nightlife Debbie    08-13-10 08:18
Geronimo - that's the best description ever! Ryan - some places do close in October. To my knowledge, Dinghy Dock is not usually closed, but the Mamacitas owners do take an extended vaca

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 23. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 24. Naniqui Vicki moore    05-24-10 00:01
Unfortunately the home we had reserved had been double booked, so we are again searching for lodging. Can anyone give me feedback on Naniqui rentals? They are on the bay and have a bayside deck and do

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 25. diving Culebra pat polk    04-18-10 11:23
Can anyone tell me their favorite dive sites....for novice to intermediate divers. GPS co-ordinates would be great if possible. Also do any of them have mooring balls? Thank

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 26. Beginners Diving Mic_S    03-23-10 11:11
I read at Culebra Divers we can join a diving trip for beginner - no certificat req. Do you know how much such a thing would cost - and what do you think the chances are of encountering m

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 27. Re: Comments on proposed itinerary? Michelle Garcia    09-08-09 08:40
Hi Sandy, We went to PR this past August and we did the bio bay in Fajardo - it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen - I'm a biologist and was just blown away by the bay - if your on

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 28. Re: diving mona island vs desecheo Gwenn    08-05-09 16:54
Culebra diving is nice (from my experience better than Vieques). But as diving anywhere in the world goes, it it not that impressive. "Real" divers always want "the best"! It gives you more to

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 29. Re: Was this post hurtfull to Costa Bonita? Jeannie G3    07-27-09 11:12
Hola! I think day trips are fun and often necessary to get a taste of how a place is. If you enjoy it, you make plans to return and spend more time, if you didn't care for it, at least you found that

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 30. Child Care during Dive Trip virginianurse    06-07-09 02:01
Hello, I will be in culebra this coming saturday for 2nights and my husband and I are planning to dive there. Our plan was to take our son with us but dive shop told us that AM diving

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