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 31. Culebra Scuba Diving Trip Report with Photos alashas    06-04-09 20:53
We had a great time scuba diving with Capt. Walter Rieder of when we visited Culebra in Jan. I have previously posted comments in general about

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 32. Re: Diving Culebra alashas    06-04-09 20:36
Hi Ann, We have been diving a # of times to the BVI, one trip to the USVI, and dove off Vieques and Culebra for the first time this past Jan. I will be posting a trip report with photos (

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 33. Re: Spanish speaking guesthouse bosie    03-27-09 15:25
You will definitely be able to practice your Spanish, after all, Spanish is the native language in PR and many of the ex-pats even know a smattering here and there. Terrie of Palmetto Guesthouse teach

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 34. Re: Lodging and diving in March? alashas    02-20-09 21:52
David, We visited Culebra for the first time in Jan. and highly recommend Culebra Divers: Capt. Walter Rieder has been diving Culeb

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 35. Re: Lodging and diving in March? Debbie    02-20-09 21:23
Regarding diving: Reservations recommended during high season (including March). Both operators include equipment, and both use high-end Scubapro gear. I would bring my own mask.

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 36. May/June Questions Surfer John    02-05-09 15:44
Hi Everyone, I'm considering a trip to Culebra in late May, early June and have found this web site VERY helpful. But like many I have some specific questions I'm hoping some of you can

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 37. Re: Photos - Finally alashas    02-04-09 13:32
Hola, Someone posted a night shot of Dewey, so I added a couple of additional ones of Dewey at night with Christmas lights, as well as one during the day of the same scene. Per the reques

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 38. Re: Hilltop Guest House Michael    01-31-09 21:24 works as well

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 39. Re: Hilltop Guest House Debbie    01-30-09 20:08
Like most, they are on island time. I wouldn't take it as a bad sign. I have stayed there many times, and it's a nice property. is the e-mail I have for them too.

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 40. Re: Hilltop Guest House bosie    01-30-09 16:34
To inquire about availability and make reservations you may: call Culebra Divers @ 787-742-0803 - ask for Monika call hill top guest house @ 787-742-0129

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 41. Re: Culebra Divers is the Best! Debbie    01-12-09 19:48
Good zinger, Michael! Alashas - glad to hear you had such a great time. Walter & Monika do run an excellent operation!

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 42. Re: Culebra Divers is the Best! Michael    01-12-09 17:24
The Austrians would never ever hire a Swiss ;)

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 43. Re: Culebra Divers is the Best! Doug    01-12-09 17:02
Alashas, In addition to the talents you mention, Walter is also quite good on the guitar and is rumored to be recruited by the Austrian luge team for 2010 Winter Olys ;-)

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 44. Re: Culebra Divers is the Best! Michael    01-12-09 16:36
Would love to see some of your pics at our photo page :)

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 45. Culebra Divers is the Best! alashas    01-12-09 13:54
We just returned from Culebra and our group of 6 unanimously declared that Capt. Walter Rieder and his staff at Culebra Divers was the best div

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 46. Re: Another lodging recommendation post...PLEASE HELP :) Debbie    10-07-08 18:02
Are you a couple? If so, the Hilltop Guesthouse Casita might work for you.

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 47. Re: Trip notes Debbie    09-24-08 08:07
Taz serves lunch in between dives and takes very healthy surface intervals, usually in a calm cove where you can snorkel or swirm. Culebra Divers is usually also out about 4-5 hours, but they do not

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 48. Re: first time diver Vicki moore    09-01-08 22:05
We have been diving for over 31 years. I have been on dives in several places where there were "resort course divers" on the dive. One I remember well was on Kauai in 1990. There were 4 of these folks

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 49. Re: first time diver Mort    08-29-08 09:15
Wirvier, trust me, 30 feet isn't much different than 15, and the visibility will be the same. You'll be able to look up and see the surface and bright sun. There will be light all around you. You'll b

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 50. Re: first time diver Debbie    08-28-08 10:32
wiriver, Yes, that is normal. Culebra Divers typically goes to Punta Soldado, and conducts the lesson in shallow water where you could stand up -- prior to actually descending and doing

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 51. Trip notes Jeff    08-27-08 21:06
Trip notes to Culebra. First time post. This forum was so helpful to me planning my trip, I owe it to the forum and future travelers to post results of a recent trip. Th

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 52. first time diver Dani    08-27-08 16:09
Hi...this forum is awesome... I've had my eye on it for several months since I booked a surprise trip for my husband's 40th for Jan/09. Neither of us has ever been diving, but it's something that int

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 53. Re: Snorkel Locations Jeannie G3    08-24-08 22:54
Hola! WOW! Tamarindo is the way to go, maybe on my next honeymoon! LOL!!! It's lovely, maybe one of our bloggers could tell you how was their stay there. If it's nice and you can pay, stay there, soun

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 54. Re: Culebra needs progress Angelina    08-21-08 23:11
Woah! Want a conversation. First, always vote, it is one of your greatest freedoms in a Democracy. The issue it seems is crime, not progress. Crime could be linked to youth who need an outlet for

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 55. Re: Travel in November BLACKBURN    08-19-08 21:14
I should have said $500 total for both of us! A PR native in my office came running in my door two weeks ago to tell me about the deal. We both booked right then. My wife and I for Than

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 56. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 57. Re: TAXI Vicki moore    08-13-08 00:32
Yes Debbie, believe it was 40 something cents extra per pound. I paid LOTS for our flights!! I also would recommend Henry, with the # listed above. He was wonderful to work with. He charged $80 for th

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 58. Re: What are Culebra's beaches like in Jan? Debbie    08-07-08 22:41
Herb, You are what divers call a www - warm water wussie. :0

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 59. Scuba Diving Culebra vs. Vieques in Jan. alashas    08-01-08 21:42
Hello Culebra friends, We'll be visiting both Culebra and Vieques in late Dec. - early Jan., and would appreciate input from folks who have been diving at both islands. I have not been ab

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 60. Re: Favorite Water Taxi bosie    07-25-08 16:04
I believe the water taxi guy you refer to is Guilan, although I think he told me to call him George. Water taxis are somewhat limited year round, but there are a couple. I think Willy runs one and you

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