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 31. Re: place to stay recommendations? Jeannie G3    03-23-08 00:53
We stayed at Casita Tropical. It is north of Dewey, on the other side of the airport. They are under SHELTER and then under SMALL ROOMS AND EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS. You will get all the info you need ab

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 32. Re: Visiting in a couple of weeks Jeannie G3    03-21-08 18:54
Yes, Casita Tropical has a website, go to the SHELTER link and the click SMALL ROOMS AND EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS, scroll down the list. Their website should give you all the info you need and you can al

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 33. Re: Visiting in a couple of weeks Hedily    03-21-08 15:59
Thanks so much everyone!!!! The reason I mentioned about the walk is that when we were in El Yunque this past July, my younger daughter complained about the walk to the falls and she's th

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 34. Re: Visiting in a couple of weeks Jeannie G3    03-21-08 14:30
I agree with snorkeling at Carlos Rosario. I have a lazy 15 year old daughter and she made the hike fine in the sweltering heat of July. Apply bug spray, we got bit many times, maybe because it was su

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 35. Re: Lodging Jeannie G3    03-21-08 14:17
I would plan ahead, be assured a place to stay especially if your travel day has been long and tedious. You don't want to deal with finding a place to stay if you don't know your way around or if ther

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 36. Re: First time visiting Culebra Jeannie G3    03-20-08 13:45
We visited Culebra during the same week last year. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at Casita Tropical, check their website (they are linked to this site). It was very well priced for the 3 of us an

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 37. Re: Age Requirement for JEEP Rentals Jeannie G3    03-03-08 23:09
I agree with kobes. You must have stayed at Casita Tropical; they had bikes, took us to the beach and ferry and everything is so close you can walk. We took publicos and even hitched a ride with a loc

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 38. Re: Casita Tropical & kayaking Jeannie G3    02-28-08 15:05
We stayed at Casita Tropical July 2007. It was great and Molly and Jerry were wonderful hosts. They picked us up and dropped us off at the pier for our ferry trips, took us to Flamenco and their place

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 39. Re: Casita Tropical & kayaking Doug    02-28-08 13:49
I very much enjoyed Casita Tropical for the way that Molly and Jerry enhance the experience. A first timer in Culebra on a budget should condsider this place. They will assess your interests and sug

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 40. Casita Tropical & kayaking larissa    02-28-08 12:02
has anyone stayed at Casita Tropical? How was it? where is the best place to kayak and can anyone recommend a place to rent kayaks?

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 41. Re: Club Seaborne Doug    02-11-08 16:37
No, I don't live there; I've visited annually since 1995. I've not tried to stay in a secluded place, so don't take this as a recommendation for seclusion. I've stayed at Posada most often, followed

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 42. Re: Hotels/ Guesthouses close to Flamenco Beach Jeannie G3    01-31-08 11:28
Casita Tropical is a great place. We stayed there July 2007 and our host, Molly would give us a lift to Flamenco, we hitch hiked (yes it is safe!) or took the publico for $2. Check Casita Tropical on

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 43. Re: FERRY TICKETS RESERVATION Jeannie G3    01-31-08 10:56
I purchased our ferry tx July '07 via phone and paid by credit card. Sounds easy except I was calling the ticket office at Fajardo port for about 2 WEEKS! Maybe you will have better luck; here are the

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 44. Re: One week stay in March Jeannie G3    01-17-08 16:03
I like to check it out. It kept me away from places like Hotel Kokomo (across from the docks) which by the way looked like cockroach motel when we saw it up close, as well as not having very good revi

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 45. Re: Showers & Bathrooms at Flamenco Jeannie G3    01-15-08 21:19
During my camping days, back in college, we had a portable shower. It was like a big black bag in which the water warmed up with the sun. They sell these at REI, Sports Authority and even the camping

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 46. Re: Casita Tropical bosie    01-14-08 17:11
Thanks for the trip report!

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 47. Re: One week stay in March Jeannie G3    01-14-08 14:38
Try Casita Tropical. They have accommodations for 5 for a reasonable amount. Although it's not on the beach, the hosts can take you, take a publico or hitch hike. Places on the beach are expensive. Yo

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 48. Re: Maritza's Guest House Jeannie G3    01-14-08 14:18
Too bad about the roaches Mr. & Mrs. Rico. You should have stayed at Casita Tropical. Everything there was as clean as a whistle! The environmental thing to do, as we puertorricans here in Atlanta do

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 49. Casita Tropical Jeannie G3    01-14-08 14:07
Hola boricuas! Allthough our stay was in July 2007, there is nothing like winter to make me remember my stay in beautiful Culebra. The beaches are awesome; we visited Playa Flamenco and Carlos Rosario

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 50. Re: affordable 3 night lodging dj    09-26-07 18:32
In August we stayed at Jerry and Molly's, Casita Tropical and had a great time. We stayed in the 2 twin beds room. With might could make it with a snoring It was 80.00

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 51. 30th Wedding Anniversary Trip Herbert Lindsay    07-11-07 12:02
My wife and I are planning a trip to Culebra for a 30 year wedding anniversary trip March 29 - April 5, 2008. She originally was seeking an all-inclusive resort experience "for a c

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 52. Trip Report Donna Mills    07-10-07 22:19
Hello All! I will try to be brief and not bore you all. First of all, WE LOVE CULEBRA!! Flamenco Beach is just beautiful, the sand feels like flour. Zoni is also just as beautiful, breath-taking, rea

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 53. Re: Help planning first visit Doug    03-31-07 15:08
One thing I might recommend to people coming to Culebra for the first time, is the high level of service you get from Molly and Jerry at Casita Tropical. I chose it for its reasonable price this last

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 54. Re: Last Minute Trip? Molly and Jerry    12-31-06 15:10
Try the new guesthouse Casita Tropical 787-742-3270

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 55. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Gary Eichelberger    12-30-06 16:26
where is casita tropical? is there web info on it anywhere?

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 56. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Judy Overmyer    11-20-06 20:16
We just booked for Casita Tropical, located in the center of the island near the airport. They have small efficiencies for $80. The people running it sound very nice and other posts relate to their h

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 57. casita tropical Angel Viera    09-25-06 18:24
This is a charming, quiet, very clean guest house with all the amenities you need to do your own cooking, or gourmet chef, Molly, will make you breakfast upon request. The guest house is is located n

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 58. Re: Casita Tropical Allison    08-25-06 08:03
I stayed here in late July and it was absolutely wonderful! Quiet, extremely clean, comfortable and peaceful. Lots of extra perks were included such as transportation to/from ferry and other places,

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 59. Casita Tropical Michael    08-24-06 07:07
New listing! Check it out:

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 60. Recommendations! Debra    03-26-03 08:16
Hello! We've just returned to Atlanta from spending a week on Isle Culebra and wanted to share our experience since this board was very helpful prior to our visit! Flying int

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