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Casita Tropical
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   01-14-08 14:07

Hola boricuas! Allthough our stay was in July 2007, there is nothing like winter to make me remember my stay in beautiful Culebra. The beaches are awesome; we visited Playa Flamenco and Carlos Rosario. Everybody knows the first one, beautiful white sands, clear warm waters, good snorkeling at the old pier. Great food from the lady who runs the trailer kiosk at the entrance; best chicken pinchos I've had in a long time! Towards the left at the Flamenco beach parking lot, is the entrance to the Carlo Rosario beach. Look well for it is somewhat hidden and take bug spray. It is a hot 20 min. hike up and down but well worth it! This place has been the best snorkeling we have ever done! Incredible reefs, brain coral, hundreds of fish, clear water. You're not far from the shore and your already seeing spectacular marine life. A well kept secret and treasure to Culebra. Our hosts for our 3 day stay were Molly and Jerry, owners of Casita Tropical. They were gracious, friendly and made us feel at home at Casita Tropical. Their place has 2 rooms with a third probably ready. Our room had 2 beds, bathroom/shower and a kitchenette located outside the enclosed porch. The porch is shared with guests from the adjoining room and is equipped with hammocks, fan, chairs and tables. Great for a big family or a couple of friends. Casita Tropical also has some bicycles you can use to get you around the island, which we used extensively, snorkeling gear, beach equipment, coolers, etc. The even picked us up when we arrived and took us to the pier at the end of our stay. We will surely stay again with them and highly recommend Casita Tropical to everyone; checkout their website! Eating is always an adventure; you have the expensive places like Mamacita's or eat like a local for a couple of bucks. El Batey provided delicious rice, beans, grilled chicken and salad for $8. There are always venders with fresh fruit, pina colada and other fried delicacies for a couple of bucks. Rent a car, not for us. We biked, took the public transportation (gypsy cab) or hitch hiked. My 15 year old daughter thought this was cool! Very safe environment. The people of Culebra are very welcoming, friendly and a delight to talk to, with loads of stories and information about their history and current events. We will definitely be back!


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Re: Casita Tropical
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: bosie (
Date:   01-14-08 17:11

Thanks for the trip report!

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