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Culebra and Guayanilla against Victor Gonzalez
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Maricarmen Guilloty (
Date:   03-11-07 15:31

hi, please sign this petition asking the governor to not support anymore Victor Gonzalez windmill projects in Guayanilla, Gonzalez project is proposed in an ecological sensitive area that can be part of the Dry Forest Reserve of Puerto Rico. Gonzalez already destroyed there 2 caves with petrogliphs and killed around 2,000 adults trees (more than a hundred years old), this place is also a habitat for several endangered species of Puerto Rico including the Guabaro bird which only exist in that area of Puerto Rico. The community wants this area to be part of the reserve and are proposing that Gonzalez project should be done in an area that is already impacted like the old petrochemical plant in Penuelas. You all know, Gonzalez is the same person that wants to close muellecito beach access to the Culebrense and his activities in Culebra are probably destroying the ecological sensitive area of Mount Resaca. I also invite you, in March 24 they`re gonna celebrate day of planet earth in Guayanilla in the place that Victor Gonzalez is destroying over there, the purpose of this is to let peple know about the ecological importance of this place, if you want more info contact me trough e-mail or at 787-934-2733.

the petition is available at:

thanks for your help in protcting the ecological places that are left in Puerto Rico. You can also see the petition and more info at under Bosque Seco and Guabairo necesitan tu ayuda, bye!

att, Maricarmen Cruz Guilloty

Beaches are ours, Access our right!

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