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valuables on the beaches
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: tjay belt (216.115.162.---)
Date:   01-31-07 17:08

We will be vacationing in Culebra in April. We will have a camera with us to take pictures. However, i will not be bringing it out in the water when we snorkle from the beach... Can i safely leave things of this nature on the beach? We'll probably have a bag of clothes, maybe even a cooler of some food and drinks. But a couple expensive tourist items will be with us as well... I worry about loosing them.

ideas, suggestions?

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Re: valuables on the beaches
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank (---.gwi.NET)
Date:   01-31-07 17:31

All I can say is that when I am on Flamenco I leave my cell phone, my money and all my valuables on my blanket and have never had a problem. My car keys? They are in the ignition of my car in the parking lot.

Leave those worries at home.

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Re: valuables on the beaches
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jorge Flores (
Date:   01-31-07 20:34

I agree with Frank, I have always left my camera and cell phone and CD player when I go in the water or step out to have some lunch at the kiosks at the entrance to the beach. Most of the people at Flamenco this time of year are tourists so if you feel uncomfortable elaving your property unattended just take over to a fellow tourist and have them keep an eye on it for you

Enjoy Culebra

Jorge Flores

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