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Beach Access info...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Maricarmen Guilloty (
Date:   01-21-07 14:50

A very short description of what happenned that day between Pan and Victor Gonzalez:

Victor Gonzalez was with his employees fillign with dirt the holes they made before (with a heavy machine) in the sandi in the places where people park their cars to go to the mullecito... He was planting endangerd species trees in the holes and Pan went there to take pictures of the area to the Culebra Calendar, he didn`t know Victor Gonzalez was there but he knew they were gonna plant those trees... Victor Gonzalez always projects himself as an environmentalist and with that action he was gonna try to make the community as the trespassers and he as the good guy that just was working in his private coastal property... Pan got there walking with his dog and a friend that had the camera and started taking the pictures... Gonzalez came to them screaming to them get out of my property... Pan explained to him (just like last yaer in their first encounter) that he was in maritime terrestrial zone and that the area is public domain... Gonzalez responded that if it was maritime terrstrial zone then the dog couldn`t be there (very stupid comment)... a botanist that was with Gonzalez went to Pan and said to him thay maybe it was time that people don`t take their cars over there...then Pan started explaining so the employees could hear him (but not screaming) that that was a public beach access and that was the area where people park their cars, also that people go there in cars because that`s the only access that is secure for kids, old people and handicapped to get close to the beach... plus that`s the access that culebrenses have been using to get to the beach and to celebrate all kind of activities like baptisms, weddings and birthdays parties... Victor didn`t like the situation and then screamed: don`t listen to him, these are those dirty americans... and with that Pan finally realized that it was time to go because he wasn`t gonna stand those comments... so instead of sreaming back he said to his friend lets go and they got out of there... The same day in the morning, the private school of Culebra took their kids and Victor Gonzalez kicked them out the same way he did with pan... also the same day, the DNR vigilantes of Culebra gave him a cease and desist order to make for remotion of sand and doing the works without permits... like a month after that it got to our hands an ilegal agreement between Victor Gonzalez and DNR secretary saying they were gonna provide a twelwe inches space access for people, in that document they also talk about planting the endangered species trees and building the birdwatching tower in the sides of the road, however Gonzalez did both thins in the middle of thwe road... We took that agreement to legislaotrs and to the lawyer of Municipio of Culebra and the Authority of Conservation and Development of Culebra (ACDEC), Carlos Geigel, and he determined that agreement is illegal because every construction ade in Culebra need ACDEC aprovement which he ddin`t have and also because they can`t block beach access and then give a 12 inch access... Plus the Administration of Reglaments and Permits found that the tower is an illegal structure too... I hope you have a better idea with my weird translation... Tomorrow is Oans trial and his witness is gonna be there, the American Civil Liberty Union is gonna represent Pan because they understands he was taking to court for protesting against a privatization of beach access...bye!

Beaches are ours, Access our right!

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Re: Beach Access info...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   01-21-07 18:53

Maricarmen dearheart,

Yeah, your translation needs a bit of *my* work but that is because I'm stupid and lazy enough to not know spanish...!! I got it, and I hope others do as well. You know a hell of a lot more English than I know Spanish!!!! Thank you for the translation.
I'll be there tomorrow, as will many others.

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