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Scooter and camping questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: kris (
Date:   01-20-07 15:14

Hi, I have a few questions about scooters.

1. Are they 2 seater scooters? Meaning... can 2 people ride on 1 scooter?
2. If you rent a scooter for more than one day (4) and during the week not weekends, do you get discount?
3. Do you need to lok scooters up when you are not around?
4. Can you tell me the kinds of foods at the campground, the prices and hours?
5. Is there 1 kiosk selling food or other options as well at the campground?

Thank you..Fawn

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Re: Scooter and camping questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Kayra (
Date:   01-20-07 17:46

I have not seen 2 seater scooters, but you may want to contact the scooter rentals company directly.

No, I have not heard of discounts from renting scooters (rented on 3 separate ocasions), but it never hurts to ask.

We've never had problems with scooters. Of course, take the key and keep valuables not visible or under the seat of the scooter.

Food at the campround is not the healthiest, except for the meat on a stick. Hours are usually late morning to late afternoon, though not sure what their off season times are. I don't remember prices, but I think they are affordable.

I remember 1 kiosk usually open, sometimes multiple. Depends on how busy a time it is.

Don't count on kiosks open for dinner time or breakfast.

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Re: Scooter and camping questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   01-20-07 18:08

Wow. I understand the desire to want to know the whats and wheres but some of the questions on the forum these days are starting to make me wonder what happened to the adventure of travel? The *what happens next* sort of curiousity - the *who knows what will happen* fun of a new place...
Fawn, I'm not picking on you, I just want you to so enjoy your experience here and leave your worries in a pocket back home ;)

Here's my list.

1. Culebra is probably the safest place you will ever have been, any time, anywhere unless it's one of those teeny tiny far away places that have only had 30 tourists and no cruise ships. It's a shock to many - deal with your own comfort zone as to locking up, putting away, etc. If you stay more than a few days, you'll understand.
2. While it is the written motto on my cart, it is totally true of all Culebra, and that is how it is: Open Somedays, Closed Others (sometimes all the food kioskos will be happening with awesome local (and in my opinion, healthy) food at the beach, sometimes there will just be one and you won't like what they offer. Sometimes you will get someone to answer your emails, sometimes you won't. Sometimes the place you want to eat will be open, sometimes it will be closed. Sometimes we have lots of fruit and veggies (like right now, and we're loving it) and sometimes, a nasty tomato will be on offer. Sometimes you can luck into a place to stay for the night without reservations, sometimes you can't. Sometimes you will be in rain, or too hot or in the midst of a mosquito invasion and sometimes it will be so perfect you want to cry for quiet joy.
3. What will always be around...beautiful beaches, excellent people to help you in any way they can, food to eat even if it's not what you hoped for, and tranquillity beyond what you ever expected, if that is really what you are looking for.
4. Say good morning (Buenos dias), say good afternoon (buenos tardes), say good evening (buenos noches) and smile. It makes a big difference, and when you try it, once again, you'll understand (don't worry about your accent, or if you say it *right* - trying is the point and the reward).

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Re: Scooter and camping questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   01-20-07 18:31

Fawn darlin',

Listen to MJ. She's right on the money. If you overplan the minutia, trying to keep up with your plan will negate the magic of the island vibe. Get your transpo to and from Culebra set, make sure you have a place to stay and stock up on a few ideas from the internet about why people go back. The rest will fall in your lap. Have a great trip!


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Re: Scooter and camping questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   01-21-07 05:06


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