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Coral Bleaching in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Juan Salas (
Date:   01-14-07 19:20

I have read that Culebra's coral had been affected by bleeching in 2005. I will be visiting in March and would like to know how are the conditions now.
Thank you.

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Re: Coral Bleaching in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Juan Salas (
Date:   01-15-07 00:48

I would like to forward to the forum Hal Katz answer to my previous message and to thank him.
"I was on Culebra this past August and I am very sorry to acknowledge that
the reefs I saw while snorkling had been effected by coral bleaching. I
snorkled at Rosario and beyond the shark pens at Flamingo Beach. It seemed
to me that the hard corals have taken a beating and much of the fish life
was gone. I did not scuba dive on this trip so I cannot comment on the
health of the coral at depth. Two years before I had been to Culebra to
scuba dive (and snorkle at Carlos Rosario) and saw mostly healthy reefs. I
did not notice any coral bleaching then so it seems as though this is a
quite recent event. The island is a wonderful place and I look forward to
returning some day soon. Sorry to respond with the bad news about the reefs
but nobody on this message board has mentioned the coral bleaching till now."
I was snorkeling in Culebra in 2002 and the reefs were in good health. I am sorry to hear that the bleaching has affected them to that extent. I am surprised that the subject has not been mentioned before, it must be an "inconvenient truth" indeed. Let's try to make it a thing of the past.
best regards.

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