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need help !!!!!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palistrokin (
Date:   08-31-06 10:33

First of all
Hi Guys
This site is extremely cool.
Well now to get down to business. My wife and i are planning to camp in Flamenco beach this weekend and i know the camping site was closed last week and yesterday. I just want to know if they will be opened this weekend. I appreciate any help given. Thanks

P.S. Any tips about staying would be great

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Re: need help !!!!!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: island vacation girl - debbie (
Date:   08-31-06 11:13

it is still unclear to me. try contacting the following

camp ground office - 1-787-742-0700 or

culebra conservation office & development authority -1-787-742-3880
please post with an answer !
good luck !

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Re: need help !!!!!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: graham spencer (
Date:   09-08-06 00:57

the best place to stay is villa flamenco beach,two steps and your on the best beach on the island,its a small pink building it only has 6 units,2 have balconies,free sun chairs/beds/umbrellas for you to use,bar-b-q,hamocks and dont be mistaken by the big building before it,that place is noisey,kids screeming dogs and cats with fleas everywhere.
villa flimenco beach make sure you speak to John hes an old guy that looks over the place for his son,super nice guy,he told us where the best places are to eat,me and my wife went there for honeymoon it was perfect!
have fun.
the camp ground was closed the other week they are refurbishing wont be open too soon.

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