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Our Report on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: ginayac (
Date:   07-09-06 18:49

Hello All,

We just returned from our one day trip to Culebra.
Honestly, there is nothing I can say that hasn't been said before.

Mamacitas was everything and more than what I had read about it!
We felt right at home having animals watch us eat and waiting patiently for food to drop on the ground. (I am speaking of the friendly iguanas)

Carlos Rosario...So worth the hike...The Hike was nothing I thought it would be, it was more strenuous and tiring than my flip flops and I had planned for. Note to all DO NOT HIKE TO CARLOS ROSARIO IN FLIP FLOPS, I left part of my toe on the rock on the way up. :) Seriously, I took a decent chunk out of it.

The bakery was awesome, being Italian and away from home it was nice to enough some fresh bread (bakery near the airport) and some lovely meatballs from one of the stands at Flamenco bright and early in the morning (9am).

The scooter was great and easy to navigate.

One thing though I can say is that You can not do Culebra in one day, I thought oh well the size of it you can definitely do it because it is so small. No, no you can not. Shame on me for poor planning but nevertheless my husband and I enjoyed ourselves immensely even if we only saw two beaches. We got to try local food and see the downtown of Dewey and it left a beautiful taste in my mouth and a wonderful memory and a great thirst to come back for more next year or perhaps during Holy Week.

Which if I may add this little bit, 4th of July was not crowded at all!!! I actually laughed when I saw the "midday crowd" Nothing like the Jersey Shore. Up here you wouldn't be able to find a spot after 9:30am. On Flamenco we had an umbrella and two chairs that the locals set up.

We enjoy seeing people anyway and was able to relax while being around them because there is something to be said about hearing a kid scream in horror while laughing so hard to get out of the water because his dad is coming after him like a pretend shark all in another language.

It makes you think about the basics and that no matter where we are we all are the same.

Thank you so much to the people of Culebra for letting us experience your island!
Gina and Sal

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Re: Our Report on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Hector Torres (
Date:   07-09-06 23:32

Thanks for the report.
I am planning a one day trip myself with my wife and 5 year old daughter and your report re-enforces the decision to go there even if for a day. Really looking forward to it.

Rican in Cali :-)

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