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Culebra Beach Rentals - ?!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Claire Berkowitz (
Date:   02-22-06 10:19

Hello- We are headed to Culebra in a few weeks and are so excited. I've been reading the forum avidly and have jotted down lots of great info. We've recently made reservations at Culebra Beach Rentals - #12 to be exact.

MY QUESTION: I have read repeatedly oppposing views of this place. Has it recentlly been renovated??? I understand that each place is individually owned. The woman who took my reservation told me that #12 was renovated. We have only a few nights there and I know my two sons will love being so close to the beach so that is why we chose it.

Given the various viewpoints, is there anyone out there with recent information about the coniditions of this establishement?

I would appreciate ANY feedback/advice people may have.



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Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Willie (
Date:   02-22-06 11:26

I recently returned from Culebra Beach Villas (CBV) in Flamenco Beach and stayed at the Main Building....The villa we rented appeared to have been renovated....The facilities do not provide much for children in terms of a playground. So as long as you can keep them busy with the beach, and your own activities, you will be ok.

New Jersey Vacationer

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Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lolly (
Date:   03-02-06 09:51

I just got back and stayed in 13. The resort itself is not run down but not what I would consider a "resort." It is very quiet. The snack bar does not have set don't count on it for food. If it's's a great deal. The beach is gorgeous, but windy.
The villa I stayed in was clean..not luxurious, I would rate it a 3 star. It had a full kitchen if you want to use it, I would recommend bringing aluminum foil and wrapping up the trays first. We did not use it at all. Just kept some drinks in the fridge. Our unit did not have tv or radio..but we were not in the villa for much more than a shower and sleep. At night we did have drinks on the porch..we brought Citrinella Candles and kept them lit. We sprayed ourselves with bites. No visible bugs around the resort. All in All I would recommend it. You can't beat waking up and walking to the beach!

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Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JOHN SAJE (
Date:   03-06-06 10:06

I'll be posting my video footages of the villas (outside views only) in a few days, as well as the rest of the town. Stay tuned!

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Re: Culebra Beach Rentals - ?!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Date:   03-11-06 10:14

How was your Stay? We've stayed in 2B in the main building two years ago. Had a nice time. The place was a little tired but OK.

I can't find the wed site I once used, you know it?

Thanks for any info!


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