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Culebra visit....PERFECT
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: alyssa englis (
Date:   02-27-06 12:58

My husband and I got back form a week in Culebra yesterday. It was so sad to leave such a perfect place. I cannot wait to go back.

The beaches were fabulous. We had great snorkling at Flamenco, Melones, and even Zoni. I would highly recommend taking a boat trip out to Culebrita one day becasue it was magical out there, and there was pretty good snorkling there as well. Playa Brava was beautiful and private but not too good for swimming. Too rough!

The food was great everywhere that we went, Dinghy Dick, Mamacitas, La Bahia, but best was Barbara Rosa's. Go early though or you may have to wait a while, which is not such bad thing.

We got great lunches at El Eden as well as the bakery Pandeli. We also bought lots of fruit and bread and packed fruit salad and bread and cheese for lunch.

Saturday night was our last night and we shared in lots of fun and great drum music at Mamacitas. That was quite the event. It was the most people that I saw at one time and everyone was decked out in their best. A really great wat to tend the vacation.

We stayed at the best place ever, Villa Arynar on the harbor. Unfortunately Bernie and Francette are selling and moving on in April so they will not be open next year. If anyone has a suggestion of where to stay with a kitchen, I would really appreciate that. If you do plan a trip before April, try to stay at Arynar. You can check out their web site at: They were the best hosts ever. They totally guided us and helped us with all of our planning!!!!

I could go on and on, but I just must say that Culebra is the PLACE to go for rest and relaxation. There is nothing that can stress you out there. Just pure bliss, great weather, and wonderful people.

Alyssa Englis

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Re: Culebra visit....PERFECT
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mymoosie (
Date:   02-27-06 23:38

Great trip report! Thanks for sharing. We're definitely looking forward to our trip. 2 more days!


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