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sunset dinner
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lolly (
Date:   02-19-06 20:27

We are leaving in 3 days!!! Where could we have a nice dinner with a sunset view? And what kind of nightlife can we expect? Do most restuarants serve liqour or do we have to lug our bottles?

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Re: sunset dinner
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: marc fasten (
Date:   02-20-06 14:31

The best restaurant on island, hands down is Juanita Bananas. reservation is strongly recommended, and you will need transportation to get up hill to restaurant. Everything about this place is great. Decor, food,service and Javier (host) and Jennifer (chef) are super nice people. for info. Make a reservation now, because place is small and always full.
Another good place is Club Seaborne hotel and restaurant. The bartender there makes the best Mojito's i've ever had (and i've had alot), real Yerba-Buena roots and all! reservation also srtongly recommended. Tip well for good service. On this island, i've noticed that it matters.

regarding nightlife, there is none. island pretty much closes up at 9-10pm. that bars at Dinghy Dock and Mamacitas usually stay open past that, so you can hang there.

culebra beach villas is not a resort hotel. it is more like a youth hostel/ super8 motel. but on the good side, it is on, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world! you will probably spend everyday at Flamenco beach. It's that beautiful.
A good side excursion from Flamenco beach is to go snorkeling on Carlos Rosario beach. You can get there by walking through opening in fence on side of parking lot, opposite the beach. It is a 30-40 minute walk (or 20 if you healthy and strong) on trail to absolute end (don't turn off left at fork in trail, that takes you to Tamarindo beach, keep going all the way to end of trail). then once on beach, walk down about 1/2 mile. That is where best part of reef is. best snorkeling on island is here.

have a fun time. my wife and i just got back last week. We loved it. Can't wait to go back next year

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