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culebra beach guest house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: jon bouchard (
Date:   01-03-06 18:58

has anyone heard of the culebra guest house on flamingo beach...i heard a couple runs it and has only two rooms any info would be apreciated thank you

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Re: culebra beach guest house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Eunie (
Date:   01-03-06 20:56

Villa Flamenco Beach I believe is what your referring to. Culebra Beach Villas is the bigger place on Flamenco and Villa Flamenco Beach is the smaller place. Both places are side by side to each other.

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Re: culebra beach guest house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ellen Morris-Gutierrez (
Date:   01-06-06 12:20

We were just there (on Flamenco Beach) and looked at both facilities. Culabra Beach Rentals has a pretty accurate website. The facility consists of a large building (approx. 3 stories) with several units, behind which are 9 separate concrete buildings (cabins) with two units in each. The units are individually owned, but managed on site.

Next to this facility is a smaller, two-story building with several rental units, owned and operated entirely separate from Culebra Beach Villas. It's referred to as "Flamenco Beach Villas". Be careful because on some sites the first-mentioned facility also goes by this name!

They both look nice. Word has it that some of the rooms/cabins (Culabra Beach Rentals) are in better condition than others, and there's no way to determine that in advance. This site may be prompting improvements, though! We met a woman staying at the second place who has been staying there for 10 years, which is a HUGE compliment!

Good luck.


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