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Jellyfish, stingrays, mosquitos in August?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Anya (156.33.136.---)
Date:   07-08-05 15:49

So, I have read extensively in this online forum, but have remaining questions before I book a trip for my boyfriend and me for--unfortunately--August. I need to know if I should be dissuaded please. This is a sort of bday trip for my boyfriend and I have in guide books to watch out for the pests in August, not to mention the hurricanes. I don't want to bring him to Culebra and Vieques for the great water that turns out to be stocked with jellyfish and stingrays at that time in particular. We're mainly looking for good swimming and sunning, perhaps a little snorkeling.

Also, if I may, I've read your collective debate on disclosing what you've found on Culebra. I understand your fear of ruining it by advertising it. But I think when you warn folks they are roughing it though, maybe there aren't that many of us that want to actually rough it.

At any rate, I'll appreciate any advice you have. I really want to take a vacation but not at a resort....

Thanks for any help! (especially if you can allay my fears about an overabundance of jellyfish and the like, so i can just book the tickets already!)


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Re: Jellyfish, stingrays, mosquitos in August?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   07-08-05 17:17

There are no, or at least they will be very few jelly fish. Obviously you are not sea people, at least in the caribbean.
You may find your fears if you go open water, since you are not renting a boat that is going to get you snorkeling in the open sea, you do not have to worry about that.
Jellyfish season is close to Novemer thru April, more or less.
Again you cannot be sea people, since you would know that it is extremely rare to find those creatures close to shore, unless they are dead.
About the flying tigers, they are always present for some time in the morning and afternoon.
If your decision to vacation is based on that, there are very few places you can go there is always something somewhere.


Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: Jellyfish, stingrays, mosquitos in August?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Anya (
Date:   07-09-05 10:18

Thanks very much. No we are not sea people and I am quite certain that it wouldn't matter (the jellyfish) if we were. But I have been places where jellyfish and man o wars were quite bad close to shore. Thanks again!

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Re: Jellyfish, stingrays, mosquitos in August?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Charles Allen (170.143.252.---)
Date:   07-11-05 12:20


My wife and I were just in Culebra (we left July 3), and out of 9 days of snorkeling, we saw jellyfish only one morning. I went ahead and snorkeled for about 30 minutes just off Tamarindo Beach. Nancy didn't like the jellyfish, so she skipped on it that morning. There were a lot just off the shore that morning, but I didn't think it was so bad. We never saw jellyfish except for that one morning. They seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

We never saw any rays of any kind, which we thought was unusual (we were looking for them); we mentioned this to other snorkelers and they didn't see any either.

As for mosquitoes, you'll need to bring some deet (or equivalent) for the evenings and for hiking on the paths to some of the beaches.

If you're into swimming and sunning, the sand beaches on Culebra are very, very nice. You won't be disappointed.

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